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Dien Chan - First aid

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Dien Chan - Vietnamese facial multi-reflexology " is a method born in 1980 in Ho Chi Minh city (Viet Nam), thanks to the studies and experiments of prof. Bui Quoc Chau and his collaborators.

It is a method that allows people to recover or maintain good health without resorting to the use of medicines, scalpels and needles but simply by massaging, pressing, tapping or heating certain points on the face, or parts of the body, which reflect the organs or areas of dysfunction.

It is a natural therapy that aims to restore the energy balance of the body, stimulating a response from the latter, through reflex points.

- It's simple

- It's effective

- It's cheap

- It can also be done with fingers or knuckles

- It can be done anytime and anywhere

You can check the effectiveness of this technique through the different kinds of massage shown in this booklet, precisely in situations of acute discomfort.

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