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No More Heart Attacks

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No More Heart Attacks

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No More Heart Attacks by Steve Blake, Doctor of Science. Let's get started getting rid of heart attacks in America. Heart attacks are not really necessary or automatic as we age. You can take steps to greatly lower your risk of heart attacks. You can lower your risk of a heart attack nearly to zero, perhaps even to zero. Learn why some areas of the world have very few heart attacks. See how to control inflammation inside your arteries to reduce risk of a heart attack. Learn more about antioxidants to protect your arteries. A good balance of omega-3 fatty acids can make blood flow smoother and open up constricted arteries. Learn why blood cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attacks and how your numbers fit in. What is LDL and how does it differ from HDL? Discover how and why excess saturated fats increase heart attack risk. Where are trans fats found and how bad are they? Finish up with fitness and stress relief. Your risk of a heart attack may be able to be greatly reduced.

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