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A Maid's Tail: Earning the Bell

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Kimberly Williams has proven herself worthy of the mantle of the McKenna family housekeeper (and house catgirl), duty and pride have replaced hunger and anxiety and with every passing day her competency grows along with her confidence under the patient but firm hand of her masters. In many ways it feels as though Kim has finally stumbled into her dream job and the readers of her maid fetish stories seem to agree, commenting on her experienced voice and deft hand.. If only they knew how she’d come across that voice. . .

With every click of her heels on the polished floorboards, every sway of her holdable hips and bob of her tail buttplug she embraces her new role to the point that even the house mistress Sylvia begins to display an affection for her-- usually by warming her ears and pulling her hair.

However, when the master’s daughter comes to visit sparks and fur fly as the master’s daughter and his wife rekindle old arguments and demands on his attention. With Kim forced to walk a tightrope between doing her service to the family and easing tension she’ll have to use all her maid skills and the compassion that a family pet can bring.

Inventory of Kinks:
Anal play (no penetration)
Older woman, younger partners.
Straight sex (M/F)
Lesbian sex (F/F)
Threesome (M/FF)

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