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A Mail Order Bride Dilemma

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Pride Jameson arrived in Whistle Pass uncertain she was doing the right thing by agreeing to marry a man sight unseen. He hadn't sent her a likeness of him, but she sent hers so he would know what she looked like when she disembarked from the train. When she arrived and stepped down from the train, an ape of man grabbed her. She fought him, only to find out he was the man she agreed to marry. He was filthy and stunk to high heaven. She had to escape.

When someone yelled at Nick that a lady stole his horse, he hightailed it out of town to get his horse back. When he saw the woman with copper hair riding like the wind on his stallion, he was amazed that his horse even let her on his back. He whistled, knowing the horse he was on wasn't capable of catching up, and his horse threw the woman off its back. He dismounted and ran to her, hoping she wasn't hurt. When he gazed into her green eyes, and heard her story, he knew he had to help her. No woman in her right mind would marry Hog Billard who was meaner than a rattler and lived by his own rules. Hog would be out for revenge.

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