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Stretching Exercises for Guitarists

Stretching Exercises for Guitarists

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Stretching Exercises for Guitarists

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May 21, 2013


“Highly recommended to any musician who would like to improve and enrich his warm-up routine.” Lorenzo Micheli, Concert Classical Guitarist (Italy)

“This is a book that every guitarist should have, a great tool that will help keep you playing.” Victor D'Ablaing, MFA in Classical Guitar performance (Georgia US)

Stretching Exercises for Guitarists is a compact guide that can be used as part of a healthy and productive practise regime suited for guitarists and other musicians alike.

- Stretching

Like the importance of stretching for sport, stretching for musicians is important, yet an often overlooked aspect of many a practise regime. Whether you are a beginner finding it hard to stretch their fretting fingers to get a clear open G or C chord, or a more experienced player wanting fluent movement when playing at speed, stretching exercises encourage lengthening of your muscles and their associated tendons thereby improving your mobility and range of movement. Stretching opposes the shortening and tightening of muscles that can occur immediately after use and contributes to injury avoidance.

- Diagrams and More

All 30 exercises are demonstrated with over 40 professionally hand-drawn illustrations, starting from the top at the neck and shoulders, working down to the back, forearms, wrists, fingers and thumbs. Some stretches are graded from easier versions to the more difficult so you can choose which suits your level. Stretching Exercises for Guitarists also includes exercises for nerve mobility and has tips for posture and practise.

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“I like the simple instructions and clear drawings which rule out any potential misinterpretations. If you have been lazy about warming up for playing or practicing, trying a couple of exercises from this book will help you remember and experience how beneficial this part of your practice routine is.” Ingo Stahl - Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter (Denmark)

“I find the book very thorough yet concise. As a Classical guitarist I would have liked to see some mention of the use of a footstool. Other than that the book is excellent.” Alan Grundy, MA in Performance and Musicology, F.T.C.L. - L.R.S.M. Hon. V.C.M. (The Dublin School of Guitar)
May 21, 2013

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Stretching Exercises for Guitarists - Gareth Evans

Table of Contents

Why Stretch?

Playing Guitar


1. Neck & Shoulders

1.1 Neck Retraction

1.2 Backward Shoulder Rotation

1.3 Doorway Chest Stretch

2. Back

2.1 Upper Back Rotation

2.2 Lower Trap & Lat Wall Stretch

2.3 Side Stretch

2.4 Upper Back Stretch I

2.4 Upper Back Stretch II

2.5 Back Rotation

3. Nerve Mobility

3.1 Median Nerve Mobilisation

3.1 Median Nerve Mobilisation II

3.2 Radial Nerve Mobilisation

3.2 Radial Nerve Mobilisation II

4. Forearm, Wrist & Fingers

4.1 Forearm & Hand Massage

4.2 Forearm Extensor Stretch I

4.2 Forearm Extensor Stretch II

4.3 Forearm Flexor Stretch (Ulnar Nerve included)

4.4 Wrist Flexion Stretch

4.5 Wrist & Finger Stretches

4.5 Flexor Stretch II

4.5 Flexor Stretch III

4.5 Flexor Stretch IV

4.6 Finger, Hand & Wrist Stretch

4.7 Hand Shake

4.8 Wrist Rotation

5. Fingers & Thumb

5.1 Finger Stretch (into extension) I

5.1 Finger Stretch (into extension) II

5.2 Finger Stretch (into flexion)

5.3 Inter-digital Stretches

5.4 Thumb Stretch (Carpus & Saddle Joint)

5.5 Thumb Joint Stretch

5.6 Qui Gong Balls

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ISBN 978-0-9576506-0-2

Written by Gareth Evans

Cover design and adaptation by Gareth Evans

Technical advisor Jan

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