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Scientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations – PIR) — Part Three

Scientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations – PIR) — Part Three

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Scientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations – PIR) — Part Three

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Oct 21, 2018


This is the Introduction
I think some introductory remarks are necessary here because this is not a book but a folder with quite motley materials, and they are surely not fiction, and the name is not only “Feast” but also PIR. About the name it is easy, the initials PIR in Russian — and I usually publish in Internet everything initially in Russian, even not in my mother Bulgarian language — means “feast” but the initials are almost the same in English if are taken for “Propositions, Ideas, Realizations” (or, then, Researches).
Then the things are quite different because having been left with the coming of our democracy without constant work, and being, after all, scientific worker, I have chosen different fields where to spent interestingly my time and to try and apply any ideas which emerged in my head. This means chiefly that the ideas are set to me by nobody, the results can be questionable, but they, surely, are non-traditional and some of them are even urgent. Initially and mostly these are linguistic themes, like about worldwide alphabet, about many ideas hidden behind the numbers, then in the recent time emerged my English (and not only) Latin transliteration (and there are a pair or other relatively related materials about Bulgarian language, which, however, for the moment are placed in another — or rather in two, in different languages and with different approaches — folder).
But there are other ideas, there is proposed a new decimal calendar; there is quite serious idea for jurisprudence about unification of damages and guilt in lawsuits, together with personal modification of punishments. Then quite recently emerged three programmer ideas, where the two of them discuss very old programs by me, for DOS, for splitting of the words in every (in Latin and Cyrillic) possible language, as also for compressing of files of any (I just like the universality and the related with it word “any”) type, which programs worked pretty good and can be transferred in another operating environment, and one new is about bettering of browsers’ searching in Internet. You see, with coming to my 65th year I decided that there is no sense in keeping valuable ideas or realizations for myself, and chose, even without payment and however amateurish they may seem, to publish them. Then there are two, maybe winning (but for about an year there is no answer to them) business ideas, about bank deposits, and a kind of advertising in the supermarkets, yet not of products, but of the very shops.
There may be expected to emerge (if I will live long enough) a pair of other linguistic materials, about a kind of bettering or correction of the English language; maybe also something else, it depends.
Ah, and because I am not traditional fiction writer but rather popularizer of many simple (well, relatively — I mean, without higher mathematics) ideas, I try to open the eyes of people (who, willingly or not but like not this, they like chiefly to be deluded), so because of this I have almost in every of my books or journalistic papers a PIR-idea, sometimes a heap of such ideas, and in order to provide the reader with some kind of guide through my creative works, where what can be found in them, I have included in the end one material about other PIR ideas outside this folder.
This is all. If you like my ideas then read them and try to implement some of them in reality, they are worth of this, at leas I think so. But if you don’t like them then don’t worry, such people like you are highly necessary to build the ... background on which such clever heads like my can stand out and be noticed, so that I am only thankful to you. Ha-ha.
March 2016

Oct 21, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

÷÷÷ To tell you the truth I represent two person, one real and one pseudonymous. The real one was born in the middle of the last century in one country called Bulgaria (which now turned to be European poorest area), in an ancestrally intellectual family. As a result of this I have received two and a half tertiary educations in the exact sciences and in three different countries, and at the moment know three and a half foreign languages. In view of this I have worked in various scientific institutes as research assistant in the end, and /because/ of my higher education I ... have remained unemployed from the beginning of our democracy and for more than a quarter of a century until now I at last am pensioner with — you will never imagine this — a pension of a bit less than ... /three bus tickets daily/ for /all/ expenses! Did you get it?÷÷÷ So, and by this circumstances it is not surprising that I have become democratic dissident, or intelligent laic, or research unemployed assistant, or (the biggest in the world) /demo-critical/ realist, or the like. Yet because of my scientific education, natural inclination to moderate judgements, as well as my then middle age, I have been (and am) sophisticated enough for to deny nothing /totally/ (how the ordinary people usually do) and have begun to ponder about the pluses of the minuses and vice versa, about the democracy and life in general, finding an interesting for me occupation. In this way I have naturally come to expressing myself in publicistic materials, popular-scientific researches, all kinds of untraditional thoughts, etymological guesses and parallels between (in principle) /all/ languages, and also finding consolation and pleasure in writing of (usually) funny (but also philosophical and other) verses with sound “nursery” rhymes, and this in /three/ languages (Bulgarian, Russian, and English), because otherwise I got often bored. And this was my second “face”, the creative or literary, though chiefly as /non/-fiction writer (although I have some SF stories and poetry, as said). I have published things on several Russian sites, also in three languages, but as far as in 2017 I finished the translation of all my (translatable, i.e. prosaic) things in English I have decided to begin to ... conquer the Western world, so to say. And, come to think about, why not?÷÷÷ A rough list of my creative works will be the following:÷÷÷ 1.“*The communism as religion* (popular study)”, which is such apologetics of communism that the (still remained) communists don’t accept it, with a but philosophical ... SF, a new religion, and one poetical multi-lingual Appendix.÷÷÷ 2. “*Curious Manifestos*”, a dozen (in the end even a devil one) of Manifestos of invented political parties, which are all a kind of /critique/ of democracy, they propose different, partly scientifically proved, partly funny, models of democracy which are all /better/ than the existing models; there are two Appendices to the book.÷÷÷ 3. “*Ten cynical essays*”, what is said, but have you met such books somewhere? I haven’t and /because/ of this I have written this book! And this is a cynicism in my understanding, what means usually impartial realism. There is a peculiar appendix, the Constitution of Cynicland.÷÷÷ 4. A pretty big collection of political and other papers called in English “*Now, Look Here*”, with roughly four sections, namely: for journals, for newspapers, feuilletons, and others. These things are going to the /hundred/, and would have long ago exceeded it if I have not begun to write big materials (about 20 pages or more). This is impartial political science, and the things are actual more than 20 years later (if the situation has not changed drastically). Practically nothing is trivial, everywhere are original ideas. It is split in 3 volumes, where I intent to add something only to the last, but I surely will add something (say, my latest idea is to write an Open Letter to the ... God Almighty, showing my ... commiserations for his dull existence, etc.).÷÷÷ 5. A collection of 5 (for the moment) Social Essays, namely: “*Democratic Values*” (again a critique of democracy, you can bet about), “*Search For The Woman* (Cherchez la Femme)” (the topic is obvious), “*Social Evils*” (with surely untypical approach, this isn’t a sermon), “*Bulgarian Survival*” (a philosophical essay about the proper way to live, especially in poor countries, based on personal experience of the author as real person), and “*Our Inability To Destroy *” (an entirely new approach to our common sufferings and misfortunes). In addition to this I plan for a long time to write a paper about Bulgarian ... barbarity, with proving of this statement, the contras for this, as well also the /pros/; and maybe some other interesting theme that I will discover. All these essays are accompanied by a funny verse in the end.÷÷÷ 6. A folder (which may be made to a book via simple collection of the papers, although they are pretty different) named PIR, what has to mean “Propositions, Ideas, Realizations”, but it is still opened for I may add new, chiefly etymological ideas and propositions, like ... new languages, or rather dialects of existing such); or there will be a second volume for you.÷÷÷ 7. A small folder named initially “*For all CIS-people*”, which I have shortly adapted for other nations and it is called now “*Dear reader, it's for you \Arab, Chinese, or Hindu!*”, where I propagate one exceedingly important idea about new (yet existing) world language, and this, surely well motivated.÷÷÷ 8. One folder with “*Personal Things*”, which differ a bit in the three languages that I use, but is also interesting to be read, this isn’t a biography or similar things, and it is funny in places.÷÷÷ 9. One enormously big book which is about /everything/, yet starting from the ... words of different languages, this isn’t just etymology, this is much more, this is the way of thinking of the people, a psychology of the people from all nations. And it’s name and form are also like nothing else, it is called “*Urrh, cum commentis* (impressions on etymological canvas)”.÷÷÷ 10. My latest book is named “*Letters To The Posterity*”, what /are/ letters but this is only formally, it is also about everything, in some places from etymological point of view, in others from the starting point of my reason, in some other places there are also verses in it, acrostics, so that it has to be pretty interesting for reading, but, alas, by thoughtful persons only!÷÷÷ 11. Then there are several books with poetry, in English till the moment maybe not more than a thousand of lines, but in Russian and Bulgarian they are by about /10/ thousands or more. And they are usually in such rough sections: philosophical, sexy, for children, funny, others, unless there are another more qualifying headings.÷÷÷ 12. In addition to this it has to appear one big multi-lingual dictionary in Russian, which I have only in Bulgarian, it has been published nowhere, but I have used it in writhing of my “Urrh” as well of the “Letters”, so that it will not be entirely lost with my untimely (as usual) demise. It is in form of a data base, with words and explanations, divided in several types, and the key words there are about 11,000, from practically all Indo-European languages.÷÷÷ 13. Other my future works will be my for long time promised (to myself) translations in German of my first 3 “whales”. More than this I don’t think to translate in German, they can as well read me in English, if they want (or, then, to begin to study ... Bulgarian). To translation in other existing languages I don’t think to come, unless just “The communism” in Italian (for their language is so precious, that I have to make a try in it, too).÷÷÷ 14 Then I think to invent a pair of new dialects of existing languages, which will be called /Myrskanto/ languages, and first has to be the M. English, and then, maybe, M. Deutsch; M. Russian is not necessary to invent, there exists the Bulgarian.÷÷÷ 15. And if I will live long enough, i.e. more then 70-75, I am ready to begin to write SF /novels/, what till now I have not succeeded to do. This is because I have my minuses, I can’t invent improbable or incredible, illogical things, but maybe nearing my senile years I will be able to do this, who knows? I have to try in the end, because just to consume is not satisfying for me, no sirs. Some probable titles are: “The travel of Samuel Gulliver in 23rd century”, “Samuel Gulliver in Pirlipland”, “The intelligent ants”, and maybe something else. I have /planned/ to live to 83 or 86, so that I may as well come to the dilemma how to fill my time then.÷÷÷ OK, and now some words to my possible readers. Dear guys and girls, if you don’t like the very process of thinking just run as far away from me as possible! I am not for everybody, I am for the chosen. There have to be about 5 percents such people who like to think, not to have only actions and thrillers. But 5 % from 7 billion people amounts to 300 millions people, yeah, where I will be perfectly grad with a pair of /millions/ of readers (instead of my tens to hundred of thousands). And I simply /don’t/ want to get rich, I have nobody to whom to leave my money, so that I will offer everything as cheap as possible. For one thing you can always find me on some foreign site simply writing “chris myrski” (but mark the “i”-s), in your browser, or then writing some of my works, the titles are usually easily accessible (with the exception of “Now, Look Here” which turned to be too common), so that you can read what I have written for you. For another things you can find places where you can also copy my works free in one or another format (or even if not in the right format for you then to use the right mouse button and chose “source” where will be all editing characters and you can, with some efforts, restore the original text). For another thing I will publish even here the first, say 1,000 exemplars free (with some exceptions, like Urrh or something else), so that you can be one of the lucky ones; and there can be works which I will always give free (like, my scientific things in PIR, of for the Arabs, or something else); or I will chose some about ten days in the year and reduce then all the prices (I have to think this over). And for the last thing I will require exceedingly moderate prices, from 1 US$ (even less if this is possible) to about 3 or 4 for a book, also with some little exceptions (like again Urrh). In short, money will give me problems to think and to lose my time, but about (if you look at the beginning) a pair of buss tickets daily I must be able to spend somehow (what is reduced to a pair or bought books daily).÷÷÷ Ah, and about my pseudonym, Myrski comes from Slavonic ‘mir’ what in Russian means /both/, a peace and the world, so that I am a peaceful writer for the whole world, I am a kind of ... appearance of Christ before the world. And I am, really, writing for the people, or, then, for my pleasure (/per il mio diletto/, in Italian), what means that I usually write things that I alone have wanted to find (like, say, some cynical essays) but have not succeeded and because of this have done it alone. This is a good approach, I thing, try it if you can. And I advise you also to read me for the simple reason that all my ideas and propositions are peaceful, and if the humanity will not accept some similar approach, then the alternative is to kill us mutually, what we have learned to do perfectly, i.e. the difference between my propositions and the common or vulgar approach is only in the social price.÷÷÷ OK, and now all the best from your÷÷÷*M*_aybe I am not as clever as I think,÷÷÷*Y*_et I like to question everything and ponder.÷÷÷*R*_eally, in this way the emotions sink,÷÷÷*S*_till, this gives me pleasure and I often wonder,÷÷÷*K*_nowing how well are organized the things.÷÷÷*I*_n the end my facts like polished diamonds are.

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Scientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations – PIR) — Part Three - Chris Myrski

Scientific Feast

(Propositions, Ideas, Realizations — PIR)

Part Three

[ This is a common folder with various papers, in which are expressed all kinds of my scientific, as well popular, ideas, and both these things together, which are divided here for the moment in three parts. The initials PIR are my invention, because in Russian, in which language they were initially written, this as word means feast, big eating, i.e. they are as if feast for the intellect. In the first of them are etymological and similar questions, that are quite specialized, in the second are programmer ideas and realizations plus one enumeration of various PIR ideas outside this PIR folder, and in the third are some ideas for the society (about law and justice, with mathematical calculations), business and banks, as also about new calendar. Here, naturally, I have no idea about the cover, these are entirely different things. ]

Copyright Chris MYRSKI, 2000 and further

— — — — —

CONTENTS (of the whole folder)

In the first part:


[ Exactly so. (2016) ]

An Illiterate World (idea about worldwide alphabet)

[ This is serious paper about the necessity in our time, in the time of Internet, of one universal worldwide alphabet, with analysis of multiple languages, with establishing of the major types of sounds but for all languages, with concrete proposition for the needed letters, with examples in four languages, then variation of the keyboard, also with examples, and with small generalizing conclusion. This problem is very important but nobody tries to solve it and that is why the author makes his unique proposition. On one hand this isn’t matter for general public, but on the other hand I have used the given here classification of sounds in my Bulgarian Lessons that are in the folder for the Arabs etc., so that some rough acquaintance is necessary also for such readers; besides I don’t use other sites for my scientific works, and I usually propose scientific ideas, but explained in as possibly popular manner. (2003, 2013) ]

Reflections About The Numbers (popular etymology and more)

[ This is a popular booklet (which exists also in one more place) about the names of all digits and more important numbers in different languages, about their graphical images, and about various possible ideas hidden behind their names. The questions are pretty complicated and lost in the gone centuries, it might be that they are somewhere partially explained, but the author has come to them alone. These are things interesting for everybody, they, in principle, are not very complicated, but as far as they require some mathematical knowledge and profound etymological researches, then they are practically known to nobody (well, some, say, 2-3 % guess about something, yet surely not about all moments). So that this is serious scientific paper, only popularly written. (2012) ]

Myrski’s English Transliteration

[ This material is only in English. It proposes one author’s method for transliteration of all English words using only the Latin characters, which idea is later extended for all other languages, where in focus are taken German, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, and French; there is given example based on a small paragraph in those languages. This idea is very actual and the paper provides an alternative approach to the Illiterate World, which is put here on the first place. (2015) ]

In the second part:

Computer Program For Splitting Of Words Of Different Languages

[ This is what is said, one old and realized by me idea for splitting of words of different languages without any dictionaries, and simultaneously, which worked decently good, yet was for DOS operating system used long time ago. The quintessence was to recognize consonants and vowels and to apply some natural rules (formalized by me) used in many languages. (2014) ]

Computer Program For Compressing Of Files Of Different Types

[ Also what is said, one old and realized by me, but again in DOS, idea for compressing of files of any types till the allowed by their very nature limit. The quintessence is in analyzing of occurrences of all characters, performing of statistical analysis for the frequency of their occurrences, and making of new character tables, changing the size of the very bytes, and iteratively. There were drawbacks, but there may still be advantages. (2014) ]

Ideas About Browsers Searching In The Internet

[ This time these are only my ideas about bettering of searching in the Internet, because there are many necessary possibilities that are missing. (2014) ]

What Other PIR Ideas Are There Outside The PIR?

[ Here is made a review of a heap of various PIR, i.e. scientific and original, ideas and propositions, in all works of the author, outside this folder. This is as if a guide in this regard. (2014) ]

In this part:

Just injustice

[ This material (which is published on one more place) discusses many drawbacks of the system of justice, together with two concrete scientifically motivated (according to the author) propositions: 1) about unification of assessment of damages and guilt, and 2) one entirely new idea for personal modification of punishments. The goal is to have objective, simplified and rightful justice. The material is intended first of all for the thoughtful masses, because the jurists alone will not want to cut the branch on which they are sitting. (2001) ]

An Idea About New Kind Of Bank Deposits

[ Here is given one personal idea about new kind of bank deposits. (2014) ]

An Idea About New Advertisement In Supermarkets

[ Here is given one personal idea about new kind of ads in the supermarkets, and in other services. (2014) ]

Idea about new calendar

[ This is exactly what is said (and it exists in one more place). (2012) ]

— — — — —


The judicial system, that has come to us from old Roman times, is one of the biggest misunderstandings in the social

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