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Meal Prep: 101 Superfast and Easy Prep-and-Go Healthy Whole Food Recipes to Lose Weight and Heal Your Body

Meal Prep: 101 Superfast and Easy Prep-and-Go Healthy Whole Food Recipes to Lose Weight and Heal Your Body

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Meal Prep: 101 Superfast and Easy Prep-and-Go Healthy Whole Food Recipes to Lose Weight and Heal Your Body

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Mar 21, 2018


From the bestselling author Michelle Dorrance comes this collection of 100+ healthy and delicious meal prep recipes that will change the way you cook.

There are good recipes and there are great ones – and then, there are genius recipes.
The genius recipes in this cookbook will surprise you and make you rethink the way you cook.

Unless you're a professional chef, we're betting that one of the most stressful and frustrating parts of your week/day is meal planning. Finding a recipe, shopping for ingredients, chopping and prepping, not to mention the actual cooking part - it sounds exhausting before you've even started. 

That's one of the reasons why so many time-starved people are starving for home-cooked meals. It's all just so time-consuming. But wait, it really isn't if you do just a little bit of advance planning.
What a difference it makes when you have a meal figured out, even better - have it already prepared and ready to eat!

In The Meal Prep Cookbook Michelle brings her make-ahead know-how to your kitchen, proving that you really can eat healthier and reduce stress while saving money and time. Simple and fun.

The Meal Prep Cookbook offers:

  • More than 100 healthful, simple, and straightforward recipes made with real foods and without heavily processed, artificial ingredients

  • Meal plans for when there’s even less time including back-to-school, the birth of a baby, holiday season prep, and more

  • Guidance on how to freeze, thaw, and reheat your meals to keep food fresh, safe, and tasty.

  • Affordable, easy-to-find ingredients that you already shop for and are familiar with.

  • Practical weekly shopping lists with easy to find ingredients to prepare your pantry for the week

  • Helpful Tips including the best ingredients and equipment to stock your kitchen, plus techniques for saving money and storing your meals.

"I would have looked past this book online, but having a chance to peruse it side by side in a bookstore sold me on its value - even paying retail. I've had the book less than a week and made two dishes from it so far. The ingredient laden index in the back makes it easy to find recipes to use items I have on hand instead of having to run to the store. The instructions are broken down into paragraph long steps, which assures I don't make mistakes. The directions are easy to follow and I've found the cooking times perfect so far." - Sarah Hyland, Reader and Ketogenic Diet Follower

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Mar 21, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Michelle Dorrance is the founder and culinary director of the Brooklyn Springs Cooking Academy. She is a lifestyle coach & educator, Food for Life instructor, chef instructor in the culinary program at the University of New Mexico-Taos, personal chef, career coach, and a corporate consultant offering wellness training, brand representation, and strategic planning services. Diagnosed with celiac disease, a dairy allergy, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Michelle used her knowledge of nutrition, flavor, and fitness to find the best ways to eat and move for her body. She learned how to overcome her autoimmune disease and concurrent conditions by eating a minimally processed, customized, anti-inflammatory diet. It is Michelle's philosophy that no single diet works for every person, but that by understanding how food affects the body, it is possible to customize a way of eating that meets individual needs. She also believes that no matter how restrictive a diet is, it is still possible to prepare delicious foods. Now, she shares that information--along with her lifelong passion for cooking and her understanding of building flavors--with others in her cookbooks, which help people with special nutritional needs or on restrictive diets find delicious ways to eat. You can find many of Michelle's recipes on her food blog. Along with being a long-time food blogger and passionate cook, Michelle loves writing about wine and cocktails. She also enjoys bartending and creating signature cocktails for non-profit fundraisers. Additionally, Michelle writes wine, gourmet, cooking, and cocktails articles. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Michelle lives there with her husband and daughter. She loves anchovies, radishes, chicken feet, and lox but not in that order. During her spare time, Michelle loves to visit different places around the world, taking pictures, and spending time in the kitchen creating new recipes.

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Meal Prep - Michelle Dorrance

THE Healthy Meal Prep COOKBOOK

101 Superfast and Easy Prep-and-Go Healthy Whole Food Recipes to Lose Weight and Heal Your Body


Copyright © 2017 by Michelle Dorrance

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Limit of liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: The publisher and the author make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. No warranty may be created or extended by sales or promotional materials. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for every situation. This work is sold with the understanding that the author is not engaged in rendering medical, legal or other professional advice or services. If professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. Neither the publisher nor the author shall be liable for damages arising herefrom. The fact that an individual, organization, or website is referred to in this work as a citation and/or potential source of further information does not mean that the author or the publisher endorses the information the individual, organization, or website may provide or recommendations they/it may make.

Photography © 2017 Stockfood/Benjamin Cohen, Stockfood/Giada Harper,, Stockfood/Jeff Walker, Stocksy/Sarah Remington, Stocksy/Sarah Canu, Stockfood/Harald Wasserman,

Illustrations © Tim Johnson

Cover design by Angie Gerard

Cover hand lettering by Laura Foster

Printed in the United States of America

To all my Meal Prep fans, this book is dedicated to you. Without your loyalty and support, this book would never have been possible.
To my favorite taste-testers – my husband, Todd, and my lovely girl Toma – thanks for trying all my cooking experiments (the good and the bad!) and for your love and throughout this amazing journey!



Chapter One: Meal Prep

Chapter Two: You are What You Eat

Chapter Three: Beginning Your Meal Prep

Chapter Four: Storing Your Food

Chapter Five: Recipes


Asparagus with browned butter and creamy eggs

Bacon hash

Inside Out scotch eggs

Low carb Starbucks pink drink

Breakfast stuffed peppers

Radish scramble

Green smoothie

Spaghetti squash pancakes

Keto iced coffee

Mexican breakfast hash

Beef and pumpkin breakfast casserole

Low carb lemon poppy seed muffins

Soup and stew

Cauliflower soup with crumbled pancetta

Chicken soup

Eggplant and lamb soup

Beef and winter vegetable soup

Chicken and vegetable soup

Easy spicy crockpot double beef stew

Chili soup

Grandma spaghetti soup

Meatball noodle soup

Pumpkin and chorizo soup

Orange ginger squash soup

Chicken bacon crock pot chowder

Thai coconut turkey soup

Creamy white chili


Vegetarian Mains

Chia seed crackers and roasted red pepper and goat cheese dip

Multi-purpose mini loaves with carrots and thyme

Egg drop soup

Low carb Greek briam

Saffron cauliflower soup with sumac oil

Roasted broccoli salad

Apple, pear, and walnut salad

Pesto egg salad wrap

Barbecue tofu sandwiches

Pesto pizza

Grilled Portobello mushrooms and mashed cannellini beans and harissa sauce

Eggplant parmesan

Fish and seafood

Czech Christmas fried fish

Fish cakes with aioli

Grilled lobster

Paleo sushi

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

Twisted tuna salad

Sunflower butter salmon with onions

Macadamia crusted sea bass mango cream sauce

Peppered shrimp alfredo

Salmon cakes

Grilled fish steaks

Mussels mariner

Penne with shrimp


Chicken salad lettuce wraps

Chili lime crispy chicken wings

Chicken fajitas

Low carb chicken fricassee

Grilled veggie and grilled chicken salads with tomato vinaigrette

Spicy Indian chicken stir fry

Cracklin’ chicken

Grilled chicken breasts with zucchini

Keto harissa chicken skewers

Chicken with cauliflower and olives

Chicken tomato and green bean curry


Mug muffin with beef, mushrooms, and cheese

Beef and egg stuffed pattypan squash

Grain-free breakfast taco pie filling

Spaghetti squash lasagna

Mexican spinach casserole

Taco cups

Cheesy beef casserole

Cabbage Fra Diavolo with beef

Almond Bun Personal Pizzas

Bacon Cheese Casserole

Kitchen Sink Casserole

Thai Pork Salad with Kelp Noodles

Salad and vegetables

Roquefort pear salad

Mexican chopped salad

Butternut squash and spinach salad

Fruit salad

Skirt steak avocado salad

Zucchini pasta salad

Cranberry spinach salad

Kale Caesar salad

Low carb rainbow salad with feta

Sweet and spicy pickled jalapenos

Refrigerator pickles

Lemon roasted broccoli

Garlic red potatoes

Snacks and sides

Cheese and chive scones

Kale Slaw

Cheesy bacon dip


Easy Guacamole

Bacon and gruyere jalapeno poppers

Rosemary garlic eggplant chips

Mushroom Chips

Mocha lace biscuits

Raspberry chia pudding

Almond flour coconut brownies

Chocolate and mint smoothie

Gluten-Free Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies




odern life is hectic. There's no escaping to this fact. And yet, we're supposed to work 8 hours a day (if we're lucky it's just 8 hours!) ferry kids to extracurricular activities, check on homework, attend meetings, concerts and events. And to top it off, we're supposed to eat well and exercise, too! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

When I come home from work, everyone is hungry. What's for dinner? is the stock question. I used to not have an answer and hoped I could whip up something fabulous, healthy and great-tasting from the pantry without any forethought. Occasionally I would please everyone, but for the most part I was failing miserably. I'd think of something to make but not have a key ingredient. Or I'd have the ingredients but not the time it takes to prepare them. And forget about new recipes. Those were for weekends when I had the time and more energy to shop. I figured I needed a way to plan meals with my schedule in mind.

So, many years ago I came up with a way to plan meals with my busy schedule. Since then it has worked for me and I hope it can work for you, too!

As you explore the pages of this book, you’ll not only realize that meal prep is the best way for you to stay on your diet and save money, but you’ll also learn the step-by-step process on how to meal prep with your busy schedule and what you need to meal prep.

The last chapter of this book will contain the recipes that will foster a low carb, and gluten free diet.

The recipes I included in this book were carefully selected so they are easy to prepare, contain easy-to-find ingredients, keep nutrition in mind, and are delicious. Each recipes provides exact measurements for a serving size to help calories in check. A nutritional information is also available for each recipe, so you can make the healthiest decision for your individual needs.

With more than 115 dishes to choose from, you will find you really can save time, make meals more enjoyable, and eat healthier.

Let’s get started!

Chapter One: Meal Prep

What is meal prepping?

Meal prep is defined as choosing a day to prepare your meals from start to finish. You will typically be making meals for longer than two days but less than four days. What you will be doing is planning the meal, cooking it, and packaging the meal and storing it in your fridge to be heated up and eaten at a later date.

Meal prep has taken off in the more recent years because it has been shown to help people maintain their diet. Meal prep comes in handy when you are a busy parent and don’t have the time to be able to stand over a stove and cook a meal every night because you have to watch the kids or help with homework.

How long you plan to prep your meals is

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