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The Political Assassins

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The Political Assassins

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Obeya raised his hands now for silence. The room was becoming heated with emotions now.
"We are not here to moan about the sad situation in our country. We have gone past that stage". He said firmly while
corrupt pointing to the piece of instructions lying before them. "Take your memo and read it carefully. You all have a role in this mission. The targets are twenty four in number”. He continued as everyone began shuffling the pages of their memos.
“This is the first batch of the names of Nigerian leaders. The dateline is the sixth of July 2017. In one swoop, this country will be rid of them. If there are no changes in the way this country is governed, we will nominate another twenty four politicians to be killed".
He motioned on Abdullahi to speak. Abdullahi was the chief strategist for this mission.
“The President will be at the Old banquet hall of the Presidential Villa on the morning of the sixth of July. He will be attending a book launch in his honor. The protocol has remained unchanged. At eleven forty-five in the morning, he will enter the hall and this is after all the invited guests, including the Vice-President had been seated. The doors will be fastened shut immediately the President arrive the hall”.
He walked to the screen and began highlighting the access points with a pen. "Our window of operation is only four minutes. Akpan and Musa will be stationed at the access doors and are expected to distract the security operatives. Lawal will be the one responsible for assassinating the President. Obeya will move to the north section of the hall, where the Senate President, The Speaker of the House of Representatives and others are seated. Catherine will point a gun at the Vice-President and blow his brains. Aliyu and Emeka will proceed to the car park and assassinate any of the targets that might escape from the hall. Meanwhile, Hamza and Torwese will provide some sort of cover for you all as we take on the victims”.
He motioned on them to stand.
They stood briefly.
Akpan works in the office of the Nigerian President as a junior media aide.
Musa is a lawyer and works in the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
Lawal and Emeka are policemen and are posted to the Presidential Villa as orderlies to the President while Aliyu is a blood relation to the Nigerian President.
Hamza works in the Department of Secret Service.
The only female member of the squad, Catherine is an aide to the country’s Vice-President.
He paused and looked at each of his colleagues. Everyone was listening to him with rapt attention. He was pleased at this.

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