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Lil' Bobby's Journey

Lil' Bobby's Journey

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Lil' Bobby's Journey

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Mar 5, 2018


The war in Vietnam is one of America's most misunderstood and hated conflicts. The veterans of Vietnam came home to ridicule, shame, and immense criticism for fighting a war in which many of them were drafted. This image of Vietnam has been ingrained in the American conscience and it is because of this that Vietnam is often discussed in the terms of strategy and geopolitical conflicts of the cold war. Lil' Bobby's Journey brings the conflict down to a human level and shows what those everyday Americans went through. 
My granddad, Robert "Bobby" Whitchurch, was one of those young man that were drafted and called upon to serve his country overseas. Thousands of miles from home, Lil' Bobby would face a new king of war in Vietnam. He faced the struggles of being away from family, in an unfamiliar place, and facing danger each day. The journey began through the basic Training at Fort Polk, the events at Fort Bragg, on to Vietnam Lil' Bobby's Journey is a must-read for anyone that wishes to understand the everyday struggles of family and faith for a soldier during America's most hated conflict Sincerely- Zayne Whitchurch

Mar 5, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Robert Whitchurch is a retired pastor. He has been married to his wife, Donna, for fifty years. He has four grandchildren, two are high school students, one has military degree, potential of Law School. one is an American soldier with the 180 Infantry serving in Afghanistan. Robert has Biblical Studies from Lynchberg VA,  He was drafted following High School Graduation, serving in the United States Army at Fort Polk La, Fort Bragg N.C. and tour of duty in Vietnam. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal on August 1968. He now reside in Northeast Oklahoma.

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Lil' Bobby's Journey - Robert Whitchurch

Table of Contents

I. Victory & Fears

II. Taxi’s, Train’s & Buses’s

Polaroid Camera:  Photo at Fort Bragg N.C.

III. Welcome to Vietnam

Reports, telephone & busy days ahead

IV.  Sleepless Nights

mpc (military payment certificate)

V. Kindness & Loyalty

VI. USO & Short Timer Calendar

VII. Going Home

About the Author

I. Victory & Fears

The times were exciting for the Senior Class of 1965.

Finally the twelve years of education were coming to a close. The evening had arrived to put the robes, the cap, and the tassel on. The walk across the stage was filled with emotion, pride and the expectation of the future.  The final gesture to move on with our lives to greater achievements was to hold in our hands the diploma and placing the tassel to the other side of the cap. Parents, relatives, friends congratulating their growing up child...then the walk to the basement to hang up the robe for the next Senior Class. The young men could not move fast enough to remove their robe, but the young women took their time removing their robe, crying on each other shoulders realizing this just maybe the last opportunity to be shared as the past years.

Yes,  time unfolded, the Class of 65 dispersed into the reality of each personal goal. Many continued with academic pursuits, Some chose a tech hands on school, and many desired to enlist into the various branches of the Military. Some answered the call of the military draft.  Each of the class of 65 went their separate ways into the waiting society and world.

THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE my journey begins as a young eighteen year old boy.  There were moments that a higher education was a heart desire dream, particularly at Bolivar Missouri, but decided to work to earn income before college.  Events begin to change that were attractive to a young man searching for a career. Having worked during high school at MMG store (known as a dime store) the possibility  of attaining management position had a very appealing  tone to me. Ah Yes! That shall be my goal. so....I began to work toward that challenge...until October 4 1966.  Each day was filled with anxiety and uncertain fear when walking to the mailbox on Adair Street fearing to receive the famous words from Uncle Sam Greetings.  Yes, the time had come when I would join other graduating classmates to take a trip, all expenses paid by the government to an induction center located at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  It was an exciting adventure and yet a little apprehension went through every thought. Yep, Uncle Sam provided accommodations for the night at the Black Hotel.  (It was a night to be remembered by some of the activity by other draftees) Sun rise came upon the big city, shining through the hotel windows. Time to a quick breakfast...catch the military bus to the induction center.

THE O.D. GREEN BUS pulled away from the Black Hotel. There were approximately eight from my hometown, and many other young men through out the state of Oklahoma which occupied the seats. We finally arrived at the center where each of us received the unhappy greeting from those who were in charge.  What a wake-up call!  All men strip down  There we were, all standing naked as a new born baby!  Four to five rows of young men, waiting to see what was next.  The tile floor was cold on the feet; the air was cool, and no one dare said a word. 

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