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A Medley of Moods

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Twenty years ago I went to the funeral of a friend I admired and respected. The sadness I felt prompted me to write the fictional story "One More Time," in Part Two of this book; it's the ideal friendship between two friends who were inseparable. Over three decades ago I wrote "The Days Back Home," and "We keep Love Alive." I chose these two stories from the others I have written through the years because Part One of A MEDLEY OF MOODS is about family matters. I wrote The Unbroken Bond, The Sacrifice, A False Conception, and The Procrastinator to show how family members can come together in love and good will whether they are related or not--if they are willing. Death Pain and Being a Widow is my true story about the loss of my son and my spouse. Some of Part Two and Part Three are nonfiction. But whether the parts are fiction or nonfiction, there is a grain of truth in everything that I have written. And I believe that my readers will feel me through the things that I have written and they will know the difference between the two.

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