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45 Tasty Homemade Yogurt Recipes

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45 Tasty Homemade Yogurt Recipes

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Yogurt is a healthy dairy product everyone loves to have. You can enjoy this raw or with spices. Some use it as an ingredient for making some of their dishes. Fruit flavoured yogurt is a lip smacking healthy snack.  

Yogurt bought from stores may be expedient but it cannot compare to the mildness and creaminess of homemade yogurts. Making yogurt at home is incredibly easy; it is just like a fun science project for experimenters for both young and adult one. Just keep your tools clean and don’t wiggle the mixture while it is setting. 

This requires little equipments.  You can invest in a yogurt maker but if you can’t afford it for the mean time, you can alternatively use a covered container, setting in a conventional oven with lights on, a microwave or a slow cooker. You can also simply wrap a covered container with a blanket, heating pad or towel. Homemade yogurt requires at least five hours incubation and only 30 minutes active time. You can also do this before going to bed at night and do the incubation overnight.  

For your first batches of homemade yogurt, you can use whole milk; it will produce a natural thick product.  You can also use low-fat milk or skim milk however it will probably be a bit thinner compare to store-bought yogurts which contains artificial thickeners. 

There are only four basic steps in making homemade yogurts.
•    Heating- to sterilize the milk.
•    Cooling- for proper incubation temperature of milk.
•    Adding- adding starter yogurt to the mixture
•    Incubation- incubate at warm temperature for hours

It's very easy to prepare, so you can keep your whole family supplied with very minimal effort and cost.  
Check out the following 45 Tasty Homemade Recipes of various flavors.

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