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The Flower Daughter

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What is forgiveness and how do you reach the point of forgiving another? In prehistoric Britain, Ani and her estranged father are living in the time when the culture of goddess worship is being violently overthrown by the followers of Thor, the god with no mother.

Spurred by the new religion, Ani’s father publicly rapes her; thereby stealing her personal power and lineage. After several years in exile, Ani is charged by her mentor to give her father the kiss of peace. She believes herself capable of doing this until she actually confronts him and instead, gives way to anger. The resulting conflict propels Ani through lifetime after lifetime of unresolved confrontations.

Whether Ani is a female or a male, her life will always be brushed by this Other spirit.

Historically researched, The Flower Daughter is the story of an independent spirit through seven incarnations.

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