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Aching for Blake: Knockout Love Trilogy, #2

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Aching for Blake is book 2 of the Knockout Love trilogy. Book 3, Riding for Blake, is available everywhere now!

I hate him. I hate his cocky arrogance. I hate those stupid tattoos he’s covered in. I hate that s***-eating grin he’s got on his face when he looks at me.

I hate how he makes me feel every time those unsubtle eyes tell me exactly what he wants.

I hate that he’s living in my house.
Walking around half naked.
Tempting me with those rock-hard muscles.

I hate that I want his strong arms to grab me.
To hold me.
To pin me and make me scream.

I hate that he's totally off limits--
--when all I want is for him to make me HIS.


I don’t believe in this thing called love. F***king a different woman before every fight has been my tradition ever since the first day I’ve gone pro. Nobody but me sleeps in my bed for more than a night.

Ride her, take her, and leave her screaming my name hadn’t failed yet 

But that was before Ivy.
She’s like no girl I’ve met before. 
Innocent, pure, and forbidden.

Everything in me is screaming for me to corrupt her.
To tease her.
To make her find her inner bad. 

To make her MINE.

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