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The story follows players involved in a conspiracy to silence and extract a world-renown whistleblower who has been under house-arrest at the Ecuadorean embassy in London for five years. Publishing classified information via his website PortalLeaks, Paddy Leith has been playing a dangerous game for nearly a decade, flaunting his secure ‘submission platform' to those brave enough to submit sensitive documents of wrongdoing and crimes in an effort to achieve transparency. This however, has come at a cost. And now the powerful governments negatively affected by his whistleblowing activities want him silenced. PortalLeaks follows the real-life events that unfolded during the week of October 15th to 22nd, 2016. Written as a work of fiction, the reader will be amazed at the unveiling of facts that has led to an end of an era of Internet freedom.
The story explores how the leader of the whistle-blowing website PortalLeaks is confronted by the new realities of modern age security and enforcement of censorship. Bypassing the legalities of international law, the leader Paddy Leith instead experiences the ultimately desperate efforts countries are willing to go to in order to silence him and his editorial board, which is a reflection of the power he wields. He learns that the effects of whistleblowing publishing has its dangers.
For those who follow whistleblowing websites such as WikiLeaks will find this story fascinating as it explores the intricate complexities of publishing online and the lengths whistleblowers go to in order to stay safe. It is a new force in our modern age and this novel is an accurate account of a potential crime perpetrated behind closed doors of the Ecuadorian embassy.
Don’t miss out on this explosive new novel.

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