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The Deterioration of the British Nation

The Deterioration of the British Nation

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The Deterioration of the British Nation

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Nov 22, 2017


As a seventy year old Londoner, I've seen many changes in the city that I once loved; changes not for the good. The quality of life has deteriorated due to consecutive British Governments kicking the can and not listening to the indigenous ordinary people. Property prices have escalated to unreachable levels for first time buyers and border control was lost some thirty five years ago. This book delves into the escalation of obesity, stress, anxiety, diabetes and mental health and the decline in the British NHS to deal with it. Also the financial cuts to law enforcement and defense. Muslim Immigration levels are out of control and the UK is already over populated.
Nov 22, 2017

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The Deterioration of the British Nation - Patrick Nafzger


Back in the day

During my escapades in England back in the day I made friends with people from all over the world, black yellow brown white; race or religion was never an issue, in fact it was never mentioned. Immigrants entered the UK in manageable numbers; after world war two Jewish refugees settled in the East End of London and established a thriving Jewish community around Brick Lane.

The same was happening in America and it didn’t take the Jewish people too long before they became very prominent in many business ventures, including the film and entertainment industry.

There has always been a strong orthodox community among the Jewish and within a short space of time their entrepreneurial skills gradually enabled them to spread out and develop their own businesses.

The Jewish are a proud race and during the particular period after the war their overwhelming incentive to better themselves soon became apparent. They are duckers and divers and even though there was much bickering amongst them they supported and helped each other.

They pushed their children to study and over a few decades they established themselves in more profitable careers such as Tailoring, Gold Silver and Jewellery traders, Accountancy, Doctors, Law and property.

As they prospered they began to spread into more affluent areas like Golders Green, Finchley, and then on into even more affluent parts of London such as Hampstead Garden Suburb, Hendon, Moor Park, Arkley and Totteridge. Obviously there was always going to be anti-Jewish element and this has become more prevalent as the years have passed by.

What’s interesting is what took place in the East End of London with the Jewish has taken place with various Asian races, Indians Bangladeshi, Sikhs and Punjabi.

The Indians are a shrewd race, work hard and have a flare for business acumen. It’s now Indians along with the Jewish that dominate what remains in British factory’s, High Street shops and reside in the high end affluent suburbs.

Life in the UK was manageable and by and large everyone got on. I know that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and just want normal and happy life’s.

Unfortunately, over the last thirty years or so due to a lack of UK border control, changes of epic proportions have taken place within the world which would filter down to the UK.

My words throughout this book are directed at Radical Muslim’s and Islamic terrorists, but it’s the sheer numbers of mainly Muslim people that have entered the UK in such a short period that concerns the British people.

I loved London and I am appalled of what’s happening to what was once my favourite place to be. I first noticed big changes in London whilst acting in a low budget film in North London, the Holloway Road area. That was before the riots took place there about six years ago.

There was a distinct lack of English people. Everywhere I looked in all directions I saw Eastern Europeans, Turkish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Polish, Somalians, Moroccan’s, Africans and Muslims dominating the area. As the issue of immigrants and the numbers have always been on the forefront of my mind as far back as forty years ago I wrote numerous letters to Downing Street enquiring as regards immigration statistics. I got back empty pre-printed replies which informed me of nothing.

As the years rolled by I witnessed The West End of London and surrounding areas was becoming heavily populated with foreigners.

Muslim Arabs dominated the Edgware road during the sixties. About forty years ago I watched areas like Southall, Luton, Northampton, Slough and Wembley get literally taken over by Indians, Pakistanis, Punjabi’s, Muslims and Sikhs. This didn’t concern me too much because although they communed in these particular areas; the numbers were manageable and it’s the numbers that are paying a crucial part in the deterioration of the UK.

During the fifties and sixties Immigrants integrated to an extent and spread out into various community’s.

There is no doubt the UK needs immigrant of varying skills from fruit pickers to heart surgeons.

But as the years have passed we have witnessed wars and Despots and Dictators being ousted. Nine Eleven was the crucial game changer and the eventual destruction and chaos of the Middle East ensued.

The bombing of Iraq and the immediate withdrawing of American troops left the region a free for all and gave rise to changes. The Taliban and al-Qaida were replaced with an even more powerful Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS. The Middle East was in complete chaos and Syria ruled by the Assad regime has been engaged in war ever since. This war has displaced millions and brought about unbelievable destruction to the country.

A human flash flood ensued, and Angela Merkel’s decision to invite a million Syrian immigrants will go down in history as the biggest fuck up of all time, and this was a game changer. This opened the door for millions of economic immigrants; a frenzy of mainly young and fit males and not genuine refugees.

Human trafficking ensued and boatloads entered Europe and numerous drownings occurred and it’s still going on.

The French Border at Calais was there chosen destination because their next stepping stone was the UK. Successive UK governments wallowed in complacency and lost border control forty years ago and no one really knows the true number of illegals to this day; but I think it runs into millions.

Alarm bell started ringing and more and more Muslims were prominent and an invasion of misplaced young fit men entered the UK, many illegally. Why the UK? I can’t emphasise enough that these immigrants should not be underestimated.

They know that the UK welfare system is a walkover and they are all after what our ancestors fought and died for and UK taxpayers paid for, and that’s free healthcare, benefit handouts, housing and even money sent over to the children they deserted. They are cunning and sly and know exactly how to play the system; they have made it quite clear and informed us Infidels of their intentions to enforce Sharia law.

The saddest thing I noticed was the deterioration of a once proud and wonderful land.

There are hardly any cockney’s left in London and political correctness reared its ugly head. Now the indigenous ordinary people aren’t allowed to speak or complain; everything we say is wrong; or even worse ignored. Its got to the point where we have to self-Annalise what we say for fear of upsetting or a word more commonly used offending.

Muslims are abusing our welfare system, abusing tax payer’s money and using racism, hate speech, political correctness and Islamophobia as a shield.

Never underestimate radicalised Muslims, they lie and pull every trick in the book because they have only one guide and set of principles and that is the Quran. Over the many years they have said what they want and what they are going to do and that’s Sharia law.

This is why Mosques have sprung up everywhere and many are indoctrinating and radicalising vulnerable naïve people, people on a downer and have no sense of belonging or direction in life, it sounds cheesy but our old friend love comes into it and these people have had no love, they are sad depressed mentally ill lonely people, many are jealous of us and resent our way of life.

It’s striking how quickly you can get into a person’s mind and their vulnerability when in this mental state. It’s easy to replace nothing with something and give them a purpose in life, a sense of belonging and to follow a God and be prepared to die for an Islamic way of life of the Quran; and guiding them into evil. Unfortunately, successive UK and world leaders have stood by and watched it happen. Loss of border control allowed too many too quick. There are de-radicalise programmes in operation but I think for every ten that are de radicalised there are a thousand being radicalised.

I’m of the opinion that the situation is grave and out of control because they are in. Our government and world governments have no answers in order to rectify the situation.

Therefore, I can only see it going one way, escalating into civil unrest because in the not too distant future Muslims are going to make their move. I am the last person to become a doom monger; I have done my bit and my best to bang the seriousness and gravity of this problem on Facebook and it hasn’t worked, and my visionary skills have induced me to write this book because I see all my darkest fears coming into fruition. I have made no real predictions as far as Brexit is concerned; this is purely because it’s stepping into an unknown quagmire.

I relate it to trying to untangle the web of elastic in one of those bouncy balls. It’s the messiest of divorces with Jeremy Corbyn hovering around like a vulture, ready to pounce and seize power.

So what the fuck is it that UK citizens don’t get? Can you not see the deteriation of the UK, how the quality of life sucks and the standard of living has disintegrated into struggle after struggle? Is this what our ancestors fought for?

I’m trying to think of anything, any aspect of British life that is good for the ordinary person, and do-ya know what; I can’t.

Here’s why, let’s take the north of England; its been overrun by Muslims creating Pakistani grooming gangs specifically aimed at young girls in order to abuse them. No go areas have been created and the indigenous live in fear. The NHS has a shortfall of forty thousand nurses and British trained doctors are emigrating in massive numbers. The old, disabled and mentally ill are treated like shit.

The major religion up north is now Muslim because Christianity and Catholicism have declined to small percentages. In London the figures and statistics show an even bigger decline in Christianity and Catholicism and a huge increase in Islam that swamps any other faith. The fact is that Islam in fifty years’ time will overrun dear old England.

It’s time for action Muslim blood is coursing through the UK’s veins. To live in London in your own property you have to be a millionaire.

To rent in London is one big struggle and one has to earn at least twenty to thirty thousand pound per annum; out of reach of most workers. Every aspect of British life is in decline, military, health, policing, housing, transport, air quality is at dangerous levels and knife crime has increased and fatal stabbings take place on a daily basis. The politicians are lying through their back teeth and taking the piss.

Even the wise that immigrated to Europe are living in fear because of Brexit, fear that they may have to return to this shithole of a country.

The police are bent, the government is bent, food prices are on the up and owning a car is a fucking nightmare.

Obesity, diabetes, dementia, stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression and mental illness have all spiked. England is in debt to the tune of two trillion pounds and oh yes people are still spending money they aint got.

The cause isn’t rocket science; successive governments have kicked the can decade after decade and brought the UK to its knees. Of course the rich have got richer and they don’t give a fuck. This book breaks down and to an extent analyses, dissects and gets to the truth.

I make no apologies; this book paints an ugly picture for your children and their children. But don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom. As you read on you will see I have scattered humorous little ditties and hope in between the heavy shit.

A message to UK governments 19th June 2017

I dwell in Thailand; witness and compare Thailand’s rules laws and regulations. No benefits, no handout's, no free medical treatment; nothings for nothing here and Thailand’s border control and immigration vetting puts Britain to shame. The UK should take a leaf out of Thailand’s book. Then see how many foreigners would be deterred from entering the UK illegally or legally.

The UK is an over populated island.

Of course it’s only fair to let sensible numbers into the UK, we desperately need them. Of course people want to improve their quality of life. Incidentally that’s why I moved to Thailand; my quality of life here is glorious compared to Britain.

Consecutive governments lost control of its borders and have allowed Britain to become overflowing with economic migrants, Muslims and a magnet to lazy bastards on the ponce; abusing our welfare system; and that includes Brits.

What don’t you politicians understand about the word FULL? What don’t you understand about looking after your own?

Of course we want and need thousands more Nurses and Doctors and low paid workers, why? Isn’t it obvious to you Westminster Wankers it’s to service the millions you have let in? Governments created this unmanageable situation.

The horrific incidents taking place in the UK are a direct result, spin offs of consecutive governments ignoring and not listening to the ordinary people. There is another terrorist incident taking place in Finsbury Park as I write another van ramming incident has just happened.

NHS, education, housing, transport, prisons, policing and defence are splitting at the seams. Terrorism acts and the killing and maiming of innocent people are rife.

At the other end of the spectrum wealthy foreigners have jumped on the easy money property bandwagon and forced Property prices to reach unprecedented prices. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Successive governments to obtain votes have kicked the can. THE CAN LABBELLED LET THE NEXT GOVERNMENT HANDLE THIS SHIT. Consecutive governments have created a nation of greedy fat cat lazy bastards and a country of inequality. You have allowed Banks to manipulate the property market by keeping interest rates too low for too long. Banks take the piss and carry out fraudulent acts, and huge corporates hand out massive bonuses to CEO’s. In my opinion it appears that UK governments have been hypnotized to royally fuck Britain. Even established immigrants complain that Britain is now full.


The UK is dead but not quite buried, there is still time for one special politician with the spunk to take Britain by the balls and reverse the situation. Here’s how.

Reform and amend tax laws to halt off-shore tax dodging accounts. One must realise why the people are obsessed with getting on the property ladder, at this moment in time because of eight years of the lowest interest rates in history everyone’s clambering to get on the bandwagon. The profits made are life changing and its quick easy money. Whilst on the subject of quick easy money, our welfare system has been abused for too long. As a temporary measure while this situation exists; home owners of single dwellings should be prepared to contribute a minimal fair rate of tax at fair and sensible thresholds when selling. This will go against the grain but the money for improvement to the British economy, the NHS and public services has got to come from somewhere.

This would still leave a large enough financial legacy to pass on to children and loved ones. Do away with unfair death taxes and the so called dementia tax and heavily increase tax on multiple property owners and foreign buyers. Britain’s welfare and benefits system drastically needs reforming and requires a complete overhaul to sieve out fraudulent claimers; It should be streamlined to target shrewd liars; do not underestimate them, they are clever and studied the art of deception.

New businesses and Entrepreneurs should be given special privileges. Britain is on its knees and the rot has to stop.

Someone in government needs to put their foot down once and for all.

It will take a special kind of person, someone with foresight and vision; a person that tells it like it is and not telling people what they want to hear to gain votes; in other words, THE TRUTH AND NOT KICKING THE CAN.

Remember life’s markets revolve around supply and demand and that includes the property market. It is blatantly obvious; Britain has undergone a rapid invasion, sadly no one knows the exact numbers but it runs into millions, these people need somewhere to live. The demand is astronomically high and the supply astronomically low. It aint rocket science!

Of course prices will go up at an alarming rate if a certain commodity is short. If only we had a leader that would

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