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In this vivid portrayal of a post WWII Europe nearly wiped off the map by devastation and mass killings, author Jay Prasad weaves together a story of human vulnerability and endurance.
The novel‘s heroine, Hannah Müller, a Bauhaus artist tormented and discredited by the Nazis, finds that her liberators are no better than the oppressors; the Russians loot, rape, and herd women to work in labor gangs, and the Americans are cold, aloof, and suspicious. Fortunately, she meets young Captain Eric Grossman who works as a lawyer for the Americans; together they attend the Nuremberg trials and seek a solution to the question that haunts them, “Who authorized the Holocaust?” They do not quite succeed and move on to the Nazi trials in Poland, where Hannah falls in love with Daniel Neumann, a Holocaust survivor. The three of them continue their quest for the elusive identity of the person responsible for the Holocaust, and finally find the answer in the private papers of Hannah’s uncle, a high-ranking Nazi.
Hannah, disillusioned and no longer considering herself a German, leaves her homeland and tries to regain her lost artistic soul as she moves from continent to continent to find a place where she can shelve her past and be born anew.

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