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Taoism for Beginners

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Taoism for Beginners

Valutazione: 4 stelle su 54/5 (1 recensione)
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Taoism is a Chinese philosophy or religion which is based on the ancient belief of the Tao. The Chinese word “Tao” has no exact translation in English, but the philosophy itself can be described as living in perfect harmony with nature. It can be described as living with nature in its pure form.
But Taoism is not just a philosophy or religion. It is about a way of living your life. It is about flowing with life, living with all your heart, and accepting yourself. 
Over the years, many variations of this philosophy have cropped up, some religious and others philosophical. But there are no labels in Taoism. It believes that each of us is a mixture of many truths and each of us should act in a way that supports us as a person.
So, what is Tao? What does it say about truth and kindness and morality? What are the basic concepts and terms used in Taoism? All these and many other questions will be answered in this guide on Taoism.

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