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Skipping the Tiramisu: Becoming the Writer You Were Born to Be

Skipping the Tiramisu: Becoming the Writer You Were Born to Be

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Skipping the Tiramisu: Becoming the Writer You Were Born to Be

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Aug 6, 2012


"Are you a writer? How do you know?"

This pithy book answers these questions and much more. Sixteen brief chapters cover how to find your writing voice, build your platform, beat writer's block and turn rejects into wins. Includes a look at social media and tips for building your blog.

Lots of encouragement laced with humor shows you how to become the writer you were born to be!

Aug 6, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

A southern California native transplanted to the soggy Pacific Northwest, Kristine Lowder specializes in what one wag dubbed “excruciatingly insightful prose.” When attempting to avoid being excruciating or insightful—which is most of the time—Kristine hikes, reads voraciously, enjoys exploring the Cascades and will do almost anything to avoid scrubbing the bathtub.

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Skipping the Tiramisu - Kristine Lowder

Skipping the Tiramisu:

Becoming the Writer You Were Born to Be

By Kristine Lowder

Copyright 2012 Kristine Lowder

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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Are You a Writer?

Chapter 2: Skipping the Tiramisu

Chapter Three: Finding Your Writing Voice

Chapter Four: Growing Your Writing Voice

Chapter Five: When Working on Writing Isn't

Chapter Six: How 'Deliberate' Are You?

Chapter Seven: Building Your Platform (It's Not About You)

Chapter Eight: What About Social Media?

Chapter Nine: Blogging and the Power of Focus

Chapter Ten: So Can You - 9 Tips for Building Your Blog

Chapter Eleven: When The Well Runs Dry

Chapter Twelve: How to Beat Writer's Block

Chapter Thirteen: How to Turn Rejects Into Wins

Chapter Fourteen: How Many Cave-Dwelling Neanderthals Can You Say That About?

Chapter Fifteen: You Can Do It!

Chapter Sixteen: A Final Word

About the Author


Whenever I'm sitting down - which isn't often - I feel compelled to be reading something. Anything. The newspaper. The back of a cereal box. War and Peace. (Well okay, maybe not Tolstoy, but you get my drift. More on this later.)

Humor, homilies and homespun tales are favorites. Also pithy compilations of wit and wisdom weft into quirky looks at things that last – family, faith and friends. I love authors who are disarmingly honest and down to earth. I also enjoy biographies. Ditto sneaky, cheeky humor and insights shared without being preachy. Any book with raspberry white chocolate cheesecake and a banana split chaser is fine by me. (If I feel weight conscious, I may hold the banana. Or not. More on this later, too.)

If you're reading this, I assume you're a reader. A writer. Probably both. So let me ask you: What makes a compelling read compelling? The kind you can't put down until it's done? What do you look for when you roam a bookstore or library? What makes a writer an author? How does a writer snag your attention, grab you by the scruff of the neck and shake you till your teeth rattle?

We're going to take a look at some potential answers from a writer's perspective. What follows is based on a collection of posts from my blog, Roads Diverged, that are designed to move you along as a writer, reader, or blogger. Or all of the above. Each chapter approaches the craft from a different perspective and concludes with a question or two. These are included to help you break through walls of yeah, but or I can't or don't know where to start, etc.

Finally, if

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