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Changing Lives

Changing Lives

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Changing Lives

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Sep 25, 2017


Welcome to Sydon . At first glance it appears to be a clean modern vintage city where New Borns and Old souls live together in peace and acceptance but for those on the front line for the fight for true equality know better .

New Borns have never been reincarnated, they are a fresh soul and have the ability to identify and communicate with reincarnated souls. Regardless of the language spoken or the form taken they can understand and be understood. This ability is lost as soon as they die. This one time life ability is why all New Borns spend their first life working for Relink a government run organisation that helps reincarnated souls be re-united with those they have lived with before . The first life is always the longest . New Borns are completely immune to disease and illness but are able to be killed in the usual way a human form allows. They will die of natural causes at the typical age of 130-140 years old .
Holly Curry is a 22 year old New Born . She has no choice but to work for Relink and most people would consider her to be honest and hardworking but then again most people don't know Holly uses her first life ability as a black market spotter, working for the highest paying old souls to track down their past life enemies. What happens to them after she finds them is something she doesn't think about .

Old souls are all reincarnated , they can take any human or animal form and are restricted by that form in both their life span and abilities . Although they are able to see each other they can only communicate if their form allows. Unfortunately an Old soul cannot pick the form of reincarnation and although they can remember every life they lived, over time memories are confused and fade. Very rarely, maybe once every two generations, an old soul is reincarnated in the same form for three consecutive lives, and on that third life they possess the ability to permanently remove a soul from circulation this is called finalisation . Tri souls, as they are known, are feared and revered. Untouchable god like creatures who usually use their finalisation ability for less than admirable purposes . Diana Fields is an Old Soul , Her current life form is that of an eagle , her quiet personality and wise mind suit this form and as a result she is well liked and highly respected amongst her friends . Everyone knows she values her privacy but no-one knows this is her third life as an eagle. No-one knows and no-one would believe, that as a Tri-soul Diana is very familiar with black market finalisations.

The hatred of a common enemy brings these two opposing characters together and when one makes an unexpected sacrifice the other finds herself on an unfamiliar path to discovery

Sep 25, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Claire Rye was born in Sydney Australia and currently lives on the Gold Coast. Her flair for writing was discovered accidently when she started an informal travel blog and the response triggered a curiosity that lead to an expansion of her ‘story telling’. Claire’s self-published novels are diverse in subject and style. She has written stories ranging from fantasy, science fiction, mystery to erotic thrillers. Her self-assessment as an "old school head banging, vegetarian, nature loving, history fan and sci-fi geek" captures the eclectic nature of Claire’s interests and influences. Claire Rye has been exploring the world of writing since 2015 and as she continues to learn and develop her writing skills, she hopes to expand her joy for words beyond just a pleasurable pastime.

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Changing Lives - Claire Rye

Changing Lives

Copyright 2015 Claire Rye

Published by Claire Rye at Smashwords

Smashwords Edition License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please return to or your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Who forgot to tell me I couldn’t.

Copyright © 2015 BY Claire Rye

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

For permission requests:

Table of Contents























Planet: Earth

Year: 2016

On a beach at sunset

The pretty brunette stared lovingly into the eyes of the man who was about to kill her and whispered her answer.

I have known you my whole life, we are friends, we are lovers, we are soul mates and yes of course I will marry you.

The young couple kissed passionately and fell to the dunes, lost in the innocence of their love.

They lay together in the still warm sand and tenderly touched each other, giggling at the thought of becoming ‘man and wife’.

She felt safe, his arms felt like home.

He felt desire, her body loved him unconditionally.

‘I could do anything to her, she trusts me, she loves me ... How much does she love me, would she scream, would she fight?’

His hand lightly traced the edge of her face, down her neck and onto her shoulders, pausing briefly before slowly opening and moving towards her throat, closing around her neck.

She kissed him harder and then let out a passionate gasp.

No resistance, no panic. His hands closed a little tighter.

Confused, she stopped kissing him.

Baby, what are…

He didn’t want to hear her words, he clenched his hands hard around her neck to stop them.

She was terrified now. He could see the panic in her eyes and was thrilled that her usual soft carefree gaze was replaced with an energy that he could now understand.

She was fighting hard but he was in control, she was no match for his strength at the best of times, and now that it was amplified with adrenalin, she was hopeless.

At his mercy and he loved it.

Whether she lived or died was his decision, his choice.

‘I am God, I am the master of life.’

He felt a surge of power, pure supreme power.

He couldn’t stop, he didn’t want to stop. It felt so good, it’s felt so righteous.

‘You are mine, your life is mine.’

He felt a surge of dominance and a climax of vigor, and then she was gone.

Her body was limp in his arms, her eyes lifeless and fixed with fear.

He pulled her closer to his chest It’s okay my love, I was scared too, the first time I died.


Planet: Earth

Year: 2916

In an inner city apartment

Zusi thumbed through the old dog-eared book she had just pulled from her overstocked bookshelf. Any life could be your next life: The guide to our new reality. First edition.

She had first read it in school as part of the mandatory reading curriculum, it was a great reference guide but she kept it now purely for nostalgic reasons.

"Reincarnation, Rebirth, Metempsychosis or Transmigration. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it, it is now a simple fact of life.

It seemed to have always been this way. No-one knows when it started, who was the first, or indeed if it will ever end. So most people simply choose to skip the analysis of the why and how and discuss the fundamentals of the when and what.

There are three types of souls: new borns, old souls and neutrals.

New borns have never been reincarnated, they are fresh souls and as such are the only souls who have the ability to identify and communicate with reincarnated souls. Regardless of the language spoken or the form taken, they can understand and be understood. To anyone else the animal appears to be speaking its native tongue but to a new born the sounds make perfect sense and are understood as common language. Communication is not a problem. It is a unique gift and lost once their first life ends.

This one life ability is why all new borns spend their first life working for Relink, a government run organisation that helps reincarnated souls to reunite with those they have known in previous lives. Relink was developed over one hundred years ago to regulate the unregistered new borns who were spotting to the highest bidder. The government announced the policy and implemented the organisation on the premise that they were responding to society’s demand for equal and non-discriminatory access to the service. The need for a soul to stay connected with another should not be sold off to the highest bidder, and for a fixed price the government would provide this service where anyone, any soul could find and reunite with a soul they had connected with in a previous life.

It was a utopian idea and fully supported by everyone. Although the less idealised souls

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