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Killing Me With Your Booze

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Nancy Enn drops her alcoholic son into the reader's lap. A powerful, raw collection of journal entries, "Killing Me With Your Booze" exposes the slow death of all that is good. Discover how her son's drunkenness harms their relationship, steals hope and defies happiness. It's a robust sharing of Nancy's profound observations and experience of living with a drunk. He is every mother's son. We are not alone in the journey of recovering our grown children from the quicksand of addictions and alcoholism. Sometimes you just need a good vent. "Killing Me With Your Booze" is not a book on rehab or therapy- it is a defining realistic view into life with an alcoholic adult child reconciling and understanding the chaos with hope and real love. You are not powerless.

Read "Killing Me With Your Booze" for a touching, page turning journey from her porch.

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