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Eating as a Spiritual Practice: Discover Your Purpose While Nourishing You Body, Mind, and Soul

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Eating as a Spiritual Practice: Discover Your Purpose While Nourishing You Body, Mind, and Soul

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Our ancestors felt a sacredness in their relationship to the land and its produce. Then came the twentieth century, with packaged, processed foods, a fast-paced lifestyle, and the resulting health issues so many of us face today. Isn’t it time to reverse this situation?

Healthy food can no longer be a temporary diet, eaten merely to lose weight, cleanse our bodies, or heal a sickness. Now, like exercising, healthful, nourishing foods must be integrated into our lives as a practice—a daily discipline that requires focus, innovation, quality, convenience, and consistency—one that is fueled by love and respect. Healthy meals are essential to the new way of life that is calling us home to the table.

In Eating as a Spiritual Practice, Susan Campbell shares her personal story of how she came to that revelation. This book is a memoir adventure about a woman’s journey through the nightmare of raising a child through addiction, and working tirelessly to get healthier food in schools. Her journey ultimately led her to a spiritual solution and awakening she now shares with her readers.

Complete with mouthwatering recipes that offer healthy alternatives to our standard meals, Eating as a Spiritual Practice will make you open your eyes, think twice about what you put in your mouth, enjoy natural, delicious foods, and marvel at the positive changes your body undergoes as you change your practices. This is not another diet book. It’s an opportunity to reawaken to the relationship between your body and food and to cultivate that relationship with love and awareness.

Eating as a Spiritual Practice also contains a mouthwatering mix of recipes, which are a mix of Raw, Cooked & Cultured, the combination enjoyed by the celebrated Centenarians.

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