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Jesus Calling What His Death Means To The Church

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Jesus Calling What His Death Means To The Church

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This book will help you to understand the plan of God for Humanity. The heavenly Father lost contact with creation after the destructive action of Adam. You will be assisted step by step to understand the climax of how Jesus Christ has fulfilled the promises of God contained in the Old Testament of the Bible. Get your understanding enlightened as you read through this material that the Lord has instructed me to compile for the body of Christ.
This book will open your understanding to the promises that have been made in the Bible and how Jesus Christ has fulfilled all the promises of God. This is the great blessing to humanity. In fact, you should acknowledge this fact that when we are talking about prophecies in the word of God, it sums up in Christ. Jesus Christ is the ultimate being that truly accomplished in one all that the prophets have been speaking in the Old Testament.
The greatest story in the Bible was about the promise of the redemption of humanity from the dominion of the devil. So, in Christ Jesus the Heavenly Father has totally fulfilled all promises that pertain to our redemption. Child of God, we are living in the last days and the heavenly Father is expecting us to come to the knowledge of this eternal reality that will help us to become powerful, capable and competent people in the hands of God. You should try you best to read this book, because it will awaken a new zeal in your life to receive impartation that will change your life.
Today, in the plan of God, you will get to know how to walk with God for the best results. When Christ died on the cross, he solved the most urgent problem of humanity. This book will help you to understand how God has accomplished his purpose and plan in the life of Jesus Christ. This is a great agenda that the heavenly Father and His Son have done to rescue humanity from the powers of death and destruction.

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