Photography Lighting: Easy Lighting Techniques You Can Try at Your Home

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Photography Lighting: Easy Lighting Techniques You Can Try at Your Home

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So you got a camera for Christmas or your birthday.  You take it out of the box all excited, take out the batteries and gather everyone around for a family portrait.  Then when everyone is ready you snap the photo.  Sounds normal right?  Well when you go back and look at the picture your mom’s eyes are red, your dad is all shadowy and the dog, well I don’t even want to talk about the dog.

If this situation sounds familiar to you don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  The problem isn’t with your camera of your photography skills.  It has to do with your lighting choices.

When taking photos so many of us don’t take lighting into consideration.  We just think with the advancements in technology lighting shouldn’t be an issue.  Well sadly you are mistaken.  Lighting is still the number one thing you need to consider when taking your photos.

In this book we will explore cameras, how to take photos and the role lighting plays.  We will then go into how to use lighting to create some awesome effects for photos that were once washed out and dull.

So before this situation at Christmas happens to you go ahead and download this amazing book.  At the end of it you will be taking photos like a pro and bending light to fit your will.

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