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Zodiacal Symbology and Its Planetary Power

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Zodiacal Symbology and Its Planetary Power

Lunghezza: 143 pagine2 ore


After some years of careful study in the endeavour to fix the special planetary influence attached to each degree of the Zodiac, author Isidore Kozminsky is at length enabled to present the result of his researches in this direction for the consideration of the many sincere students who find in astrology a safe and sure foundation upon which to build the temple of world enlightenment, which the approaching true civilization will demand.

From a close examination of thousands of nativities during the past, Kozminsky believes that the planets which will be found associated with the zodiacal degrees in this book are correct and important in every particular. He further believes this is the first attempt in this direction, and is certain that the reader will find it helpful in dealing with the many problems with which he or she has to grapple.
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