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Edgar & Annabel (NHB Modern Plays)

Edgar & Annabel (NHB Modern Plays)

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Edgar & Annabel (NHB Modern Plays)

5/5 (1 valutazione)
93 pagine
27 minuti
Nov 20, 2014


A young couple prepare dinner - but something isn't right. In a city not so different from our own capital, a group of freedom fighters attempts to stand up to an Orwellian establishment in increasingly perilous circumstances. The story that unfolds brings into question relationships, identities and the nature of reality itself'

'Holcroft plunges us into an Orwellian near-future dystopia, where governmental aural surveillance is rife and, for political dissenters, everyday life is a carefully maintained lie. It's as theatrically playful as it is disturbing' - The Times

'not just a drama of political resistance set in some parallel British dystopia, but also a cute sendup of theatre acting and writing... keeps us guessing throughout' - Guardian

'startlingly imaginative... Clever, funny and disturbing, it's a blend of conceptual prank and dystopian satire' - Evening Standard

Nov 20, 2014

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Edgar & Annabel (NHB Modern Plays) - Sam Holcroft

Sam Holcroft





Title Page

Original Production

Edgar & Annabel

About the Author

Copyright and Performing Rights Information

Edgar & Annabel was first performed alongside The Swan as part of Double Feature: One at the Paintframe, a specially converted space at the National Theatre, London, on 18 July 2011, with the following cast:


Set, Costume


Sam Holcroft


NICK, male, late twenties

MARIANNE, female, late twenties

MILLER, male, older than Nick and Marianne

TARA, female, late twenties

MARC, male, late twenties

ANTHONY, male, late twenties, similar in appearance to Nick

CLAIRE, female, late twenties, similar in appearance to Marianne


The action moves between Edgar and Annabel’s kitchen and various meeting places.

Note on Text

Dialogue in [square brackets] is unspoken.

Scene One

EDGAR and ANNABEL’s kitchen.

Someone has gone to great lengths to artfully blend old with new. Clear signs of affluence sit next to bohemia. There is a recycling bin. A kitchen table with chairs stands in the centre of the room.

MARIANNE stands at the countertop mixing fresh herbs into a decanter of salad dressing. She licks her fingers. She hums contentedly to herself.

A key is heard in the lock. MARIANNE smiles and whisks her dressing. The door opens and NICK enters wearing a raincoat. He carries a heavy shoulder bag, an umbrella and a plastic shopping bag.

NICK. Hi, honey, I’m home.

MARIANNE. Hi, darling.

On seeing him she stops short. He meets her gaze. They stare in startled silence. Eventually NICK tries to break the silence.

NICK. Something smells good.


Is that fish?


Is that fish?


Is that…?

MARIANNE. Chicken.

NICK. Fish?

MARIANNE. Chicken.

NICK. Fish.


NICK. I thought so. Smells delicious. No, don’t kiss me, I’m soaking wet. It’s raining cats and dogs out there.

NICK retrieves two bound documents from his bag and offers one to MARIANNE. She stares at it.

(With emphasis.) I’m sorry I’m late. But I had to stand in a doorway for fifteen minutes.

MARIANNE takes the document. It is a script. Unless stated otherwise, from hereon in they both read from the scripts.

My umbrella blew inside out.

MARIANNE doesn’t say her line and so NICK continues with his.

You know how that always makes you feel like a right idiot? (Beat.) I know, it’s so embarrassing. (Beat.) Yeah, I did.

MARIANNE. Did… did you get the salad?

NICK (relieved). Yeah, I did.

MARIANNE. You remembered?

NICK. Yes, of course.

NICK hands her the plastic bag. She takes it.

The checkout is a nightmare during rush hour; the queue stretched all the way down the aisle.

On opening the plastic bag MARIANNE appears confused. She then scans her script and, understanding, she reads on.

MARIANNE. I asked for salad.

NICK. Yeah, I know. I bought a bag of salad.

MARIANNE. These are stir-fry vegetables.

NICK (feigning surprise). What? No…?

MARIANNE. This is a bag of stir-fry vegetables.

NICK. It can’t be, it looks like salad.

MARIANNE. It’s a bag of stir-fry vegetables. Here, it says on the front, ‘Shredded vegetables for stir-frying’. Did you read the front?



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