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The Birthing of Worlds

The Birthing of Worlds

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The Birthing of Worlds

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Jun 25, 2017


It had been eons of a quiet universe, in which little event had ever been placed. For though the vastness of the stars could not be matched, one could observe from the heavens themselves and marvel at the empty beauty devoid of life that lay before them. Oddly, even without life, nature itself seemed to have life of its own. There was indeed movement in the endless black, there was motion, death, scars, and creation. It could be seen through the powerful collapse and birth of a new star. It could be watched in the mighty collision of shattered planets, causing one another to break free of their cycles bound for new direction among the endless shining abyss. One could only question the origin or purpose of the multitude of lands called into existence. A question that may never be answered. It could be assumed that such things could have only been ushered in to quench the thirst against emptiness and to lay the ground for what lies ahead...

Jun 25, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

James Paul Byous born in 1992 in Florida. Writing is a way to pass time and share some of my points of view. I also enjoy Philosophy, Physics, World culture, Ethics, Theology, Gardening, and keeping in good shape. I paint the illustrations for my books as well as write and edit them myself.

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The Birthing of Worlds - James Byous

The Birthing Of Worlds

Table of Contents

1. The Sea

2. The Land

3. Division

4. The Alukai

5. Undu'ari Lost

6. A Glimpse of Power

7. A living Relic

8. A Desolate Place

9. Foresight

10. Growth

11. A Problem

12. Playing Shadow

13. Effort

14. The Cold

15. Chance

16. What is a God?

Chapter One: The Sea

Space had long existed in silence. Empty, dark, and lonely could have been simple descriptions of the wide collection of floating compacted minerals that held their endless motions for incomprehensible time. It was so from the beginning that none knew and continued to be so, until by chance the first bit of change came to be. It was the first thing that dared grow its own on a barren wounded rock in the waves of nothing. Neither the largest piece of stone in existence, nor the smallest. This massive sphere became home to something of motion by its own will. Though it was still very little by any regard. So little that it would seem to not exist at all to any that gazed upon it. In fact the only proof that it was ever there is attributed to the change in atmosphere, growth patterns, and beings found of similar size. One could speculate that some combination of the varying dusts and bits spewn free from the collisions of giant planets had over an immeasurable amount of time and sheer chance, created the proper lottery of conditions needed for the change that ensued. Whether this be the reason or not, one could also speculate that there was much more to come. For whatever reason it came to be.

It would be foolish to try to map the placement of this rock among an infinite graph without using the surrounding formations floating free of their own. This is something that bears no relativity as of yet in this early dawn of life. Here and now, to the first greens and bacterial growth of this place, there was only the face of the rock which had begun to bear a fierce wind and the light of the burning new formed star above. In this early place, The green of the earth and the blue of the sea were mother to two separate worlds of their own. Each developed slowly, a strange space so different from the rest of the universe. So much so that it could be said that the attention could be felt as if its strange progress was observed. It took many cycles of revolution for much to change. Revolution that could only make its place known by the differing cold and heat that swept the land in accordance with its changing distance from a heated giant. The small changes continuing in disregard to the seemingly unforgiving elements.

It was after many more eons than any cared to remember that this world had finally changed enough to rival the seeming lives and tragedies of the space that had born it unto itself. For though the land had grown quite green with the rise of many forms of plant that continued to develop and nurse itself a home. The real interest of this place lied in the depths beneath the face of a liquid that with the heat of the sun had melted its way here. Cast from faraway ice fragments, digging deep holes in the earth through a multiple battery of above that had since ceased through depletion in the former years, but not before nearly drowning the land itself in its wake.

There in the depths of this forming ocean, had grown many variety of creature that motioned itself through the waters by means of appendages that had mutated out of necessity through time. For you see, once small odd anomalies of chemical proportion, these creatures had changed to become very large in comparison and no longer resembled their humble origins. They had developed many things, a structure from which held the mysterious internal workings, propelling their self-movement, and a stretch of a membranous covering that held such within, a living container. Though all these beings held the same basic form in common, their similarities upon outside appearance were somewhat baffling in diversity. Some having many limbs or none at all and many having unusual textures of outer skin not akin to each other.

Of these creatures, the most interesting had developed four limbs. Long and slender in form, they were connected to a body similar in size to the four compacted. Each limb ending in a cleft shape that held at its end five smaller appendages connected by thin membrane in effort to provide as resistance for motion. Atop the highest center of all this a spherical shape had formed in which nature had carved a grim opening of marbled spikes meant for consuming that which provided the necessary fuel to a body that seemingly of its own accord had the need to continue motion. This being drew in and expelled outward the liquid of its surroundings, deriving a necessary element of sustenance from its solution. With two orbs set deep into its head, it had developed a way of observing its surroundings in such that it could react to them.

Many other creatures worked much like this one did, but this one had on its own diverged away from the similar path that they held and for some reason became much more unique in its abilities and workings. It unlike the others who seemed to live and move entirely based on their need to sustain, had developed a way of perceiving and reacting that was not always in line with the most basic of desires. Its own wonder seeming to be a drive for advancement in itself.

For many years, the beings of this place had fed upon the unusual variety of green growth beneath the sea that in ways mirrored the green still forming above its surface. As these creatures grew in size however, it became apparent that this was not enough to sustain their constantly developing form. Of course these beings had finite existences. After a certain number of revolutions of the rock on which they dwelt, something within them would fail to function and they grew still. Never to move again.

As their former structure began to decay and crumble, some of its brethren found it could salvage its nutrients by way of consuming its body. Perhaps it is this adjusted taste that led to what happened next, but In an effort for sheer survival born of desperation, one of these creatures consumed another that was still living. The first to end a life before its time. Much much later in time this simple action would become a cause for debate and argue, however here in this primitive new

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