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The Face Gym: for a fresh and youthful look

The Face Gym: for a fresh and youthful look

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The Face Gym: for a fresh and youthful look

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Jun 27, 2017


A practical book to use in front of the mirror, to tone the muscles of the face and to smooth and prevent wrinkles, and in the kitchen to prepare 100% natural cosmetics.
Simple and specific exercises for every part of the face and easy recipes to take care of your face in a natural and easy way and to keep it fresh and young at all ages.
Jun 27, 2017

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The Face Gym - Nadia Raneri

Nadia Raneri

The Face Gym

for a fresh and youthful look

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About the author


The muscles of our face

The muscles of the forehead

The muscles of the eyes

The muscles of the nose

The muscles of the mouth, cheeks and cheekbones

The muscles of the chin and of the neck

The exercises

To lift the forehead

To strengthen the lower eyelids

To enlarge the eyes

For eyes always ready

For a french nose

To smooth the nose-labial lines

To give lips a new shape

For upper and lower lips

To increase the volume of the cheeks

To tone the cheeks

To prevent sagging cheeks

For the upper part of the cheeks

For outlined cheekbones

For fleshy cheekbones

For high cheekbones

To strengthen the jaw

For a firmed chin

To say goodbye to double chin

To firm the under chin

To tone the neck muscles

Self drainage facial massage

It's all about our skin

Your skin beauty routine

Yogurt cleansing milk

Biphasic make up remover

Herbal tonic

Facial scrub

Lip scrub

Fruit face masks

Lib Moisturizer

Last but not least...



This ebook is copyrighted.

No part of this ebook may be reproduced, translated or adapted by any means (including microfilms, photostatic copies and electronic memorizations) without the written consent of the author.

The exercises shown in this ebook have been designed for people with no special health problems. The author assumes no responsibility for any problems encountered during or after the exercises and practices presented here. It is advisable to consult your doctor if you have any doubt concerning your health.

About the author

After graduating in Political Science, Nadia worked for International Non Government Organizations managing development and emergency projects abroad (especially in Asia).

She has been a yoga pratictioner for many years and she attended the Yoga Teachers Training Course at Hamsa Yoga School of Maurizio Morelli (Milano, IT) becoming Hatha Yoga Instructor.

You can contact her by email:


It's not the face that strikes but the expressions

Marylin Monroe

This book is divided into three parts.


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