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The Dhammapada (Translated by Albert J. Edmunds)

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The Dhammapada (Translated by Albert J. Edmunds)

Valutazione: 4 stelle su 54/5 (193 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 123 pagine1 ora


Passed along for centuries through oral tradition by the followers of Buddhism, “The Dhammapada” is a collection of sayings by Buddha which concisely presents the religion’s core philosophies. Widely recognized as one of the most accessible works of all the Buddhist scriptures, the verses of the work describe events in the life of Buddha through which the wisdom of Buddha’s beliefs are revealed. Unlike the proscriptive nature of the scriptures of other religions those of the Buddhist religion are not overly dogmatic but rather are intended to evoke thought and inspire debate around the principal struggles that humanity faces. This philosophical approach arises from the core belief in Buddhism that the perceived reality of all things is ultimately transitory in nature. What is the source of happiness in life? How can spiritual peace be obtained? The Buddhist religion seeks to set its followers on a path towards discovery of the answers to these fundamental questions. One of the most widely known and famous texts in Eastern culture, “The Dhammapada” is a staple of Buddhist scripture which will be a thought-provoking read for anyone wishing to challenge and expand their own system of beliefs. This edition follows the translation of Albert J. Edmunds.
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