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Good Gut: 28 Best Foods to Eat to Supercharge Gut Bacteria and to Take Control of Your Weight

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Good Gut: 28 Best Foods to Eat to Supercharge Gut Bacteria and to Take Control of Your Weight

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The idea of taking responsibility for one’s health is a very important sense of orientation which can be considered a very noble task.  Unfortunately, the world is filled with so much misunderstanding and misinformation regarding what is considered as healthy eating and what is not. More unfortunately, we humans have been trained and used to not being able to listen and identify our own body signs.  Rather, we tend to look to external sources to inform us about what is considered fit to eat and why it is considered fit for nutritional needs. 

If you have the desire to know what healthy eating is all about and what the best methods are to enhance your good health, then this is the book you need.  This book has been written to help readers understand how to take control of their weight by supercharging their gut bacteria. It is all about developing and sustaining a good gut.   Here you have a very easily comprehensible guide towards all you need to know about developing, healing or enhancing the functionality of a good gut in order to enhance good health and fitness potentials.  With the right knowledge of what a good gut entails and why it is very important, the process of maintaining it becomes very easy.  The best approach towards developing a good health and proper weight control has been found to exist in the ability to develop and sustain the acquisition of a good gut. 

Here in this book you will be able to:

- Have a good understanding of what having a good gut is all about

- Have a good understanding of why having a good healthy gut is important

- Problems associated with having unhealthy gut

- How to treat leaking gut

- Foods to take to help treat leaking gut

- Foods that help in supercharging gut bacteria

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