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Herbal Antibiotics:The Best Herbs for Fighting Viruses and Diseases Naturally Without any Chemicals

Herbal Antibiotics:The Best Herbs for Fighting Viruses and Diseases Naturally Without any Chemicals

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Herbal Antibiotics:The Best Herbs for Fighting Viruses and Diseases Naturally Without any Chemicals

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Jun 8, 2017


This book is a handy primer about the types of herbal antibiotics that are available and how and when to use them.  Since many common illnesses have developed resistance to commercial antibiotics, more people are seeking natural remedies whenever possible.  Doctors tend to encourage this trend, so, if you have a personal doctor, please discuss using herbal remedies with him or her.  If you do not have one, consult the staff at your local herbal health store.  Most stores have printed pamphlets about the herbs they sell.

Also, you must tell any herbal consultant about the medicines you take daily and the allergies you may have.  Some herbs are absolutely wrong for you if you have a condition like high blood pressure or diabetes.  Herbs may seem natural and harmless remedies, but they can pack a really powerful punch.  Many herbs are part of pharmaceutical compounds, and some are actually poisonous.  Others, like lobelia, have to be used cautiously; too much can be fatal.

Fortunately, many herbal preparations come in capsule, pill, or tincture form.  These are easier to swallow, and you do not have to worry about strong odor.  Valerian, for instance, in its original form smells like old sweat socks.  It is quite possible to eat a bulb of garlic, but garlic breath is something to be avoided.

Although this book was written using carefully selected internet sites, it is really a good idea to buy an authoritative book on herbal usage.  You should also check for bound updates from time to time.  Remember, the internet itself is not fact-checked.  Always look for an authoritative source, and do not trust advertisements.

The following topics will be discussed:

- Systematic Antibiotics – those that work throughout the entire body

- Localized Antibiotics – those that only work on certain bodily systems

- Facilitative or synergistic herbs

- Antiviral Herbs and Essential Oils

- Antibacterial Herbs and Essential Oils

- Preparing Both Types of Herbs for Humans

- Antibacterial Herbs for Cleaning

- The Controversial Herb - Hemp

Jun 8, 2017

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Herbal Antibiotics:The Best Herbs for Fighting Viruses and Diseases Naturally Without any Chemicals - Michelle Allen



Herbal antibiotics are what our ancestors used with varying success in ‘the bad old days’.  Much was not understood about the causes and development of disease, and social taboos caused many people to keep their ailments secret.  Also, many false theories of disease, some dating back to Greek times, were generally believed by doctors.

Now, we know a great deal more about our bodies and are not so unwilling to discuss our problems with our doctors.  Unfortunately, everyone became overconfident about our new, scientific cures when they were first developed.  Soon all the bacteria and viruses that cause illnesses developed resistance to the single-element antibiotics we used to cure them.

Bacteria and viruses, like all life on Earth, are intelligent and adaptable.  They’ve been around since the beginning of time, and have had almost everything thrown at them by other plants, animals, and humans.  Thus we return natural antibiotics, which generally contain several healing elements instead of just one.

One fact every reader must understand is that, if the health problem is serious, go to a doctor or an emergency room.  If a person is bleeding or vomiting copiously, seems unresponsive, or cannot swallow, do not attempt to use herbal medicines.

Herbal antibiotics generally act more slowly than prescribed drugs, though they are gentler and often cheaper.  They are useful remedies when there is a minor problem or you ‘feel an illness coming on’.  Herbal remedies can be used for scratchy throats, minor burns and wounds, and genital pain and itching.  Deal with the problem while it is a small one, and it will not become big.

This book is a primer to help you decide what plants or prepared herbal pills, tinctures, or teas to use for which illness.

Chapter 1 – Why herbal Antibiotics?

Even as our technological advances have skyrocketed to reaches beyond what any of us could have possibly imagined, many people today are still taking various types of medicine to help both their short term and their long term health. Whether it's because we are born with naturally poor health, are too stressed out, or don't take good enough care of ourselves, there are always different reasons for why we require medicine to help our health.

Of course, our body isn't completely susceptible to illnesses and diseases. Our immune system is the primary system in the body made to fight against illnesses and infectious diseases. However, the immune system also can't conquer every single illness and disease. There are still many diseases and illnesses out there in the world for which no cure has been discovered at all.

The primary goal, therefore, of medicine in general is to boost our immune systems. Many supplements that we have already come up with only cause additional side effects or don't even address the illness or infection that it was supposed to at all. Sometimes the resistance that these supplements create will even go as far as to create more ailments.

Fortunately, scientific research in later decades has yielded some impressive results. We have found antibiotics and antibiotic treatment to be an excellent alternative to supplements, as they can largely break up and overcome the resistance put up by the bad bacteria in the infection. But in turn, there have also been bacteria that can put up their resistance to the antibiotic

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