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Osteoarthritis: Senior Health, #1

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Osteoarthritis: Senior Health, #1

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If you are an osteoarthritis sufferer, you want to know one thing and one thing only ... “How can I regain my independence and mobility, and stop the life-robbing and limiting pain that I experience every day?”  That's a fair question.  You are a real person with real issues surrounding her arthritis. You can't do the things you did only a few years ago. Simply opening a jar, unpacking your groceries or playing with your grandchildren can be incredibly painful.  It is your right as a human being to expect that you can get out of bed each morning and enjoy a full, pain-free, wonderful day of whatever activities you desire.  That is why we have compiled a special book that once and for all gives you the tools to finally defeat arthritis pain. In this 42-page, book, you will discover:  •  The specific herbs and spices that fight arthritis pain quickly and naturally. (Chapter 11)  • That inflammation is the enemy you need to attack, and how you can do that with specific healthy fats. (Chapter 7)  • Everything you ever wanted to know about over-the-counter and prescribed arthritis medicines ... the good and the bad. (Chapters 13 and 14)  • Exactly how much aerobic exercise is needed by adults for optimal health (HINT: It's not as much as you think.) (Chapter 4)  • What complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies you may want to try for OA treatment. (Some have been used for thousands of years to relieve arthritis pain.) (Chapter 10)  • How to improve your joint mobility, flexibility and stability ... at any age, and any level of physical fitness. (Chapter 8)  • How important food is in improving, or worsening, your OA symptoms. (Chapter 6)  • Why weight maintenance may be the most important factor to control to lessen your OA symptoms and pain. (Chapter 5)  •  Why your mindset is as important as any arthritis pain treatment. (Chapter 15)  • Why you should pay attention to what Mediterranean people eat if you want to wipe out arthritis pain and inflammation. (Chapter 6)  • That exercise is the best way to treat the pain and inflammation that arthritis causes ... even better than medicine. (Chapter 1)  • Foods to avoid to reduce OA pain. (There are some surprises here!) (Chapter 7)  • How to calculate your BMI, and get it under control. (Chapter 5) • • What assistive devices and therapies to discuss with your Doctor. (Chapter 9)  • How just 1 hour of this form of exercise each week can dramatically reduce your pain and inflammation. (Chapter 4)  • That staying inactive plays right into osteoarthris' hands, making your pain worse. (Chapter 1)  •  The best workouts for OA sufferers. (Chapter 4)  • Strength building exercises and activities improve flexibility, and reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. (Chapter 1)  • Why arthritis hates it when you adopt a regular walking program. (Chapter 4)  Get your copy today and get control of your OA or it will continue to control you!

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