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Diary of an Abducted Space Seed

Diary of an Abducted Space Seed

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Diary of an Abducted Space Seed

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May 29, 2017


Tozer had splendid plans for his life as a salad seed before he was bundled onto a rocket and propelled into space.
Terrified by these happenings, but determined to save the day, this highly-strung seed soon discovers he’s part of the amazing Rocket Science Experiment and is being looked after by none other than British astronaut Tim Peake on board the International Space Station.
This prestigious role only serves to further inflate Tozer’s already over-sized ego - but he’s about to come back down to earth with a bump!
The Rocket Science Experiment of 2016 caught the imagination of children across the UK as thousands of schools were selected to take part, to grow rocket from seeds that had been in space. Diary of an Abducted Space Seed is based on this experiment and here, through Tozer's diary, it’s possible to follow the remarkable journey these seeds had to make.
Perfect for children aged 7 to 12 this book will open their minds to the wonders of space and science, through fiction.

May 29, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Debbie McKelvey is a journalist and author best known for writing the Space Seed Adventure series. From her background in local newspapers Debbie has seen how often truth, really is stranger than fiction, and loves to use these uncanny stories as a basis for her books. As a child, she found primary school a difficult and deflating experience and so is passionate about creating characters who inspire children to develop self-confidence and flourish. As a 'late bloomer', she relates well to the struggles children face trying to find their identity and for this reason loves to champion the underdog. Despite championing underdogs though, she is in fact herself a cat lover and owner of a cheeky orange tom affectionately named Jasper Carrot and an incredibly lazy, incredibly fluffy, tabby who loves sleeping on top of the fish tank. She likes to try and include at least one cat in each book. When not writing stories, Debbie is usually doing taxi runs for her teenage son, aspiring to be a domestic goddess, and ticking off bucket list goals with her best friend and husband, Kevin.

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Diary of an Abducted Space Seed - Debbie McKelvey


of an Abducted

Space Seed


Debbie McKelvey

Copyright 2017 Debbie McKelvey

Clanbrassil Publishing

Smashwords edition

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Chapter 1 - 2 September 2015 - The day the trouble began

Chapter 2 - October 2015 - Working on a plan

Chapter 3 - November 2015 - D-Day

Chapter 4 - December 2015 - Horror scene

Chapter 5 - January 2016 - Blooming marvellous

Chapter 6 - February 2016 - Space life

Chapter 7 - 2 March 2016 - Abducted again

Chapter 8 - 18 April 2016 - Unkempt, smudgy-faced, clotpoles!

Chapter 9 - May 2016 - Be on stand-by!

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About the author


The Rocket Science Experiment took place in 2016.

It was an experiment that caught the imagination of children

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