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How to Raise Children Successfully: Parenting 101 (Parenting and Raising Kids)

How to Raise Children Successfully: Parenting 101 (Parenting and Raising Kids)

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How to Raise Children Successfully: Parenting 101 (Parenting and Raising Kids)

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May 22, 2017


'How to Raise Children Successfully' is a parenting guide that every parent should have.

The book contains 11 chapters on key parenting topics that Mums and Dads today should pro-actively be doing with their children to ensure they raise happy, healthy, contented and rounded children.

Each chapter has up to 15 questions on a specific topic, which the author answers from his experience in raising his own children.

The book is meant to help parents steer their children into adulthood as confident, valuable and prepared individuals.

Finally, one of the key teachings is to be the best parent you can be and to have no regrets in 30 years time. You don't get a second chance in doing the most important job in the world! So, you need a fair amount of discipline and focus to succeed. They are after all, worth it...

With love.

Latest testimonial:

A Transformational Book on Parenting and Childhood.
By Bolaji O


Wayne Evans' "How to Raise Children Successfully" gives us parents practical advice about raising their children.

Don't let the underspoken book cover fool you.

This could be one of the most powerful books you have ever brought into your home... for your family life.

IF you put it into action.

There's so much good stuff in this book - this is one you can refer to throughout your kid's childhood.

I found the ideas for a packed lunch SUPER USEFUL!
(...we struggle to come up with new healthy foods to include in the lunchbox every day.)

Wayne reinforced the fact that trans-fats are addictive...
and talked about how important it is to not label pizza, and McDonald's as "treats".
That will only make kids crave them more!

The Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food tip? Priceless!

The solution to not getting enough sleep? Valuable!

Things like "quality time", "showing outward affection",
"long walks on cold days", having a "to-do" list for the weekends,
and the power of the outdoors!

I love the Billy Connolly quote:
"There is no such thing as inclement weather, just inappropriate clothing."
Ha! Brilliant!

For those with older kids, Wayne talks about how communication can erode as kids get older... and what to do about that.

And Don't miss the chapter about "catching them being good!"

Talk less of the super-sneaky tactic on "positive reverse psychology"!

I'll leave you with a one more nugget - but I'm really just giving you the tip of the iceberg.

The Treasure Box" idea?
A must have for every family. TRUST ME.

This is a FANTASTIC BOOK - parents everywhere will find their families transformed,
when they put just 2 or 3 of these golden nuggets into effect.

Scroll up, get this, and read it with your spouse tonight.

It's that good.”

May 22, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

A father of 3 gorgeous girls, I live with them in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. By day, I run a range of businesses, but my heart's desire is helping other people achieve theirs. My goal is growing financially independence, which will allow me to spend more time doing the things I really want to do...i.e. spend even more time with the children, who are my greatest motivators of all! At weekends, you can find me driving my daughters to their ever growing interests, eating tasty food, watching Rugby, Formula 1 and walking up mountains! Llwyddiant! (success to you!)

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How to Raise Children Successfully - Wayne Evans

How to Raise Children Successfully.

A guide to raising healthy, happy and rounded children.

Wayne Evans

Get more useful information at:

For my three beautiful children, Cerys, Ffion and Mari who inspire me so much. You are destined for magnificent things.


For Dot, in feeding, loving, inspiring and motivating me to be the best Dad that I can be and showing me the way …every day.

Table of Contents

Introduction Where are you now?

Chapter One Food/diet/water

Chapter Two The importance of sleep

Chapter Three The importance of love

Chapter Four Being creative

Chapter Five Respect

Chapter Six The importance of play

Chapter Seven Catch them being good

Chapter Eight Thinking skills

Chapter Nine Creating family traditions

Chapter Ten The importance of you

Chapter Eleven Prepare for adulthood


Where are you now?

‘How to Raise Children Successfully’ gives parents practical advice in to-the-point paragraphs about raising their children. It covers everything from healthy habits (diet and exercise) to developing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in your children. It also takes into account you, as the parent, and how to look after yourself, to be the best parent you can be and also to be a good role model to your children.

So, the question should not be… where are you now? Instead …where do you want to be? If you want to measure yourself by the high standards your children rightly deserve, then this book is a great start. Congratulations on taking that first step.

Good luck with your journey!

"What will your children remember?

Moments spent listening, talking, playing and sharing together may be the most important times of all."

Gloria Gaither

Chapter 1 – Food/diet/water

We all live life to excess and expect our bodies to cope with the fallout. However, in reality our lifestyle is our choice and that should be no excuse to pass the poor baton onto our children. For me, as proud Dad, this is the single biggest area of effort I make. Good, home cooked nutritious food, fruit snacks provided on a timely basis and water to hydrate, provides a fabulous template to enjoy life in a simple, yet enjoyable way.

Why is healthy eating essential?

This is today’s $100m question. There are several answers surely? It can range from providing growth and repair, through to fighting diseases, enhancing quality of life and ultimately, longevity. The sensible answer lies in a balanced diet, where we offset the bad with the good. However, eating the Governments recommended 5 a day appears to be a bridge too far for most people and the Americans are obsessed with taking vitamin supplements to enhance their diet. What I want to do is provide my children with the right eating behaviours now, which not only provide them with vitamins and minerals naturally but will set out a blue print for adulthood; where they will implement what they have learnt in childhood and hopefully pass onto their grand children! So, snacking with fruit is not impossible particularly when that is the only option!

How can I eat well on a budget?

The recession in 2009 taught me some valuable lessons. As a result of the credit crunch, my finance broker business hit extremely hard times and money became a rare commodity. However, the children still needed to be fed and in order to reduce our food spend drastically I had to approach the task of putting food on the table in a completely different way. I managed to do this by firstly, moving some of my shopping to cheaper sources – I can honestly say that the fruit and vegetables in the cheaper supermarkets (e.g. Lidl in UK) are second to none and the quality of their products is superb because they originate from Germany, whose standards are much higher than ours. Secondly, I bought direct from a catering butcher where often you can buy much more cheaply than from supermarkets. The lesson learnt here is to stop buying frozen or pre prepared meals. They are neither nutritious nor good value. My answer, cook fresh, do double and freeze.

Why is giving snacks to your children essential?

Unfortunately, I have leant from my mistakes here. I wondered why tears flowed, why arguments and fighting broke out when they were heading towards meal times. I soon realised that if I managed their snacks strictly too that I could also manage their behaviour and also attitude. A simple thing like having a banana at 10.30am carried them easily through to lunch time without any cross words and a snack e.g. crumpet at 3.30pm was essential to carry them through to supper time. The key here though is forward planning. It is no good feeding them at the crash, you’ve got to anticipate the sugar drop and feed them well before that time to allow the food to be of benefit to them. Oh, I nearly forgot. When I say snacks, I mean healthy snacks. Not sugar hits and bag of crisps. This is your opportunity to get at least 2 out of the 5 a day needed into them. Snacks should be viewed as a positive part of your child's daily nutrition and can be managed in a fun way. For example on the weekend, get them to do a banana, clementine and frozen blackberry smoothie. It’s delicious and nutritious!

Why is water important?

Scientists say that two thirds of the body is water and 75% of the brain’s weight is made up of water. Therefore, it appears sensible to maintain those percentages, noting that water is essential to almost every function of the body. With regards to children, it is even more essential to maintain levels of hydration because they can dehydrate quickly and in times of temperatures or sickness and diarrhoea, even more essential. There is evidence to suggest that water aids concentration, so in Wales the Welsh Assembly Government has introduced water in schools to support that finding.

How can 5 a day be realistic?

It genuinely can be very easy. They key is breaking the mould (i.e. routine and reinforcement) by making it a non negotiable option for snacks. An easy way to start is with smoothies after breakfast.

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