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Eating Plant-Based: The New Health Paradigm

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Eating Plant-Based: The New Health Paradigm

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A plant-based diet is gaining widespread recognition. The old paradigm of which eggs and meat are used for protein, while milk is utilized for calcium and vitamin D, has been refuted. Abiding by these antiquated beliefs does not generate health. In fact, animal-derived foods are linked to many of the chronic conditions and degenerative diseases afflicting man. We benefit by eating wholesome, vibrant foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. These foods provide adequate nutrition, strengthen immunity, and are known to prevent and reverse disease. Using anecdotal evidence, medical research, and scientific literature, this book helps us understand why adapting a plant-based diet is among the healthiest choices we can make in this life.

By reading this book, you are positioning yourself to learn how the foods we have been culturally conditioned to embrace and love are slowly killing us. You will be presented with scientific evidence explaining why traditional foods are harmful. You are introduced to a variety of wholesome foods, and resources to help you adapt to this lifestyle. You will be equipped to successfully transition to eating plant-based, and acquire the essentials needed to thrive with this way of life. You will acquire knowledge to distinguish between the myths and facts surrounding a plant-based diet. Using the charts provided in chapter five, you are even able to formulate your own eating plan to assure you are receiving sufficient amounts of each nutrient. Finally, there are several recipes for basic foods that will help you overcome cravings for traditional foods.

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