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A Melting Pot of Children’s Stories

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A melting pot... Indeed it is! Join the individual journeys of some very different animal characters as they melt together in this book with one purpose; to bring about positive change in the lives of children through their adventurous stories.
This book is an ideal tool for parents and teachers of young children to bring across invaluable lessons in character building and values. Share some intimate moments with the children you love as you read these exciting stories together.
The whole writing and illustration of this book was a true family effort, which in itself encapsulates the essence of the aim for which the stories have been written.

About the author
Esmé Hugo strives to see children from all walks of life reach personal success, through building character and gaining emotional intelligence. She hosts children’s adventure camps, writes short moral stories and teaches at a school to achieve this. Her counselling and teaching training help her to obtain these goals.

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