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Color Creatively: Over 50 Tips and Tricks for Adult Coloring Books

Color Creatively: Over 50 Tips and Tricks for Adult Coloring Books

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Color Creatively: Over 50 Tips and Tricks for Adult Coloring Books

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Nov 1, 2016


Learn how to color fearlessly and color a masterpiece every time with this comprehensive guide to coloring from some of your favorite authors and illustrators - Becky Goldsmith, Amanda Murphy, Samarra Khaja and Lindsay Conner. Start by discovering the best surface to color on and the best colored pencils to use, then try out a huge array of techniques, from blending and shading to using patterns and creating a three-dimensional effect. Dive into a section on color schemes, and top it all off by hosting your own coloring party! Plus, test out your newfound skills on the included coloring pages. Included swatch sheets let you keep track of your favorite colors and combos. Create art anywhere with tips for coloring on the go. Lighthearted encouragement helps you let go and enjoy the fun of coloring!
Nov 1, 2016

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Becky Goldsmith and business partner Linda Jenkins started Piece O’ Cake Designs in 1994. Designing and making quilts, writing books, and teaching others how to make quilts is a better career than Becky could ever have imagined. Her website is

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Color Creatively - Becky Goldsmith

Introduction: Why Color?

How Coloring Fits into Your Life

Coloring is an easy-to-master skill that helps you stop worrying and focus on the moment. It helps you to stop thinking about the past, or stressing about the future. Working with color and making something beautiful is a confidence builder.

While coloring is a fulfilling solitary activity, it can also be a wonderful group activity. Search the Internet for adult coloring clubs and you will find all sorts of options; maybe there’s one near you! If not, you’ll find instructions on how to throw your own coloring party at the end of this eBook.

When people gather around a table to color, conversation flows freely. With your hands busy and your eyes focused on the page, you will find yourself making new friends and strengthening social bonds.

Intergenerational coloring is great! At your next family gathering, put out coloring books and lots of colored pencils. Children and teenagers especially may start coloring together on their own—if not, sit down and get the ball rolling. You may be surprised to find yourself having good conversations with kids who are normally quiet around adults.

Finding the Flow

Flow is the feeling that overtakes you when you are completely immersed in being creative. Time doesn’t stop—it flows, and you are carried with the current.

Being in the flow is meditative. While you are consciously focused on one thing—the act of coloring—your thoughts are less cluttered. Your mind clears. Time flies by, and you are left with a thing of beauty. Finding the flow may

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