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Jade Greenway Book III: Black Seas

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Jade Greenway Book III: Black Seas

Lunghezza: 331 pagine4 ore


In Book I, Jade Greenway commanded the spacecraft Messenger on a disastrous trip to the moon. In Book II, an Iranian attack on the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group killed Admiral Quincy and seriously injured Jade causing her left arm to be amputated at the shoulder. Even with those life-threatening injuries, she had to assume command of the carrier strike group and get it to safety.
Now, in Book III, she is Vice President of the United States, but her tenure in the White House is by no means comfortable, because of her constant battle with White House Chief of Staff Hardy Trimble. Once the election is over, in his mind, she has served her purpose, and that is all he needs from her. He certainly doesn’t want an uppity woman challenging his power in the White House, where he is king.
When President Dwyer has a mild stroke, the cabinet wants to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution making Jade the Acting President, but Trimble strongly opposes giving her power. The cabinet prevails and Jade becomes Acting President.
She has a plan to defeat ISIL, but she can’t implement it, because she knows that President Dwyer will reverse it when he returns. Trimble opposes her at every turn. His one purpose seems to be keeping the Vice President in her place, so he and the President can run the country.

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