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The Hepatic Option

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The Hepatic Option

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My Hypothesis questioning, “The Hepatic Option”, based on my forty years experiences regarding my own never medically addressed and never medically treated manifestation of Alcohol Induced Hepatic Cirrhosis. My experiences intern spawning and driving my highly credible suspicions, in essence, perhaps not all Liver Transplants deemed as medically necessary by medical community opinion, solely the only real option available for remedial solution within some severe manifestations of Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis.

One main supporting pillar of my “Hepatic Option” Hypotheses, questioning if all medical liver transplanting decisions, solely the only option in every case circumstance for control or remediation of severe Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis. My experiences in these matters suggests, if Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis is not correctly metabolically viewed and understood by medical community and within medical training as its very own distinct model of metabolic function/dysfunction, in which case as presently the status quo, a great deal of occurring symptoms complaints, some, brutally sever and chronic, intern creating chaos and confusion in recognizing and understandings such symptoms, such symptoms thereby making no sense to impotently trained Physicians, intern spawning medical failure, summary medical dismissal and egregious medical material patient abandonment.

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