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Grow Fruit Indoors: 23 Exotic Fruits You Can Easily Grow at Home in a Garden or in Containers

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Grow Fruit Indoors: 23 Exotic Fruits You Can Easily Grow at Home in a Garden or in Containers

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For most people, accessing tropical and exotic fruits can be quite a challenge, especially if you want them on a regular basis. Many stores and grocery outlets now stock the more exotic varieties, but often they are expensive or not the best quality. If you have ever been fortunate enough to travel overseas to exotic places like South East Asia, or Africa, or the Pacific, you will remember how fabulous the fruit tasted. Unusual flavors, textures, colors and fragrances, all bestow the exotic fruits. Many are quite strange looking too, and often you don’t know whether to try them or not, but once you do, you are in taste bud heaven. Fruits like papaya, sapodilla and sapote are quite unlike your typical grocery store fruit. Apples, oranges and pears just don’t quite stand up to the superiority of the exotics. Consuming a tropical fruit such as naranjilla can transport you back to where ever it was you first tried it. Most exotic fruit trees can be grown in gardens, but it can be difficult to maintain the required temperatures and humidity needed for them to fruit. Space can also be an issue, with many people living in smaller homes and apartments. So, how to solve this problem? Try growing your own exotic fruit in containers inside your home. It’s not terribly difficult, and imagine the fruit delights you could whip up for your friends and family!
Chapters in this book cover:

Australian finger lime, Kumquat and Buddha’s Hand
Barbados Cherry, Jaboticaba and Mulberry
Black Sapote, Guava and Sapodilla
Pomegranate, Figs and Passion Flower
Star Fruit, Miracle Fruit and Dragon Fruit
Naranjilla, Peanut Butter Fruit and Olive
Cocoa and Coffee

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