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How to Increase Your Situational Awareness Skills

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How to Increase Your Situational Awareness Skills

Lunghezza: 63 pagine37 minuti


Table of Contents

Recounting Your Memories And Reaffirming Them
Recounting Your Powers of Observation
Instinctive Readiness and Quick Action
Awareness and Fear
Make the Night Your Friend
Navigating Instinctively
The Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act Strategy
Awareness of Your Surroundings
Acting on Instinct
Behavioral Patterns
Author Bio


A number of years ago I was just reminiscing about some survival skills, we had learned as children, instinctively, and with a little bit of practice, and I was surprised to find that these skills are now being taught as situational awareness skills. I was under the impression that they were natural skills, being taught to children, and not something which was supposedly special!

Nevertheless, this book is going to give you plenty of information on how you can develop these skills in order to be aware of everything, in different situations, indoors and outdoors.

In ancient times and in many civilizations, it was necessary for every child to be well trained in situational awareness, because that was the difference between survival or a future ending up as a saber tooth's dinner.

Even up to 200 years ago, parents taught their children how to survive in the woods because it was a part of their training and upbringing. Even a little child knew the difference between keeping really quiet, and chattering away in the woods, when one was hunting.

I was reading a book about a girl, whose father was a missionary, and who lived near Native American tribes, throughout her childhood and youth. She was semi adopted by the Native Americans, and given a name of Bright Shining Light, because of her golden hair and happy and sunny nature. She spent most of her time with the Sioux, learning their ways, an activity which was encouraged by her father and discouraged by her mother who was definitely not cut out to be a brave, pioneering, courageous woman, if we went by her whining, complaining, and general disinclination to know anything about a great nation, their people, their culture, because she had learned that they were pagans, heathens, and savages.

Nevertheless, this little girl saw a baby being cuddled by its grandmother, and the moment he began to make a noise, the grandmother placed a hand lightly over its mouth.

That was because existence for these people was so precarious, that a slight sound could make the difference between life and death, especially when they were hiding from their enemies. The baby soon learned that it was not to make any noise under any circumstances. It was only a couple of days old. So its traditional training began as soon as the elders of the tribe knew that it was healthy enough to survive.

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