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Dynamy & Polarity

Dynamy & Polarity

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Dynamy & Polarity

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Mar 25, 2017


Why is it sometimes so difficult to gather what we need to achieve our goals? And why is it so easy on other occasions?
What makes it easier to get rid of a bad habit, an inconvenient contract or an inappropriate partner? What makes it more difficult?
When is it more likely for us to receive, or draw to us, what we need to carry out our goals? When is it more difficult for this to happen?
These and other similar questions can be easily resolved, if you know and apply correctly the astronical tendencies of the moment.

I assume that the reader has read my other book, "ASTRONICA," as the basic concepts the Astronical Technique are not explained herein. If this is not the case, I suggest that you first become acquainted with my other book, before reading the present work, which, without proper preparation, would only be half understood.

This work is for people who want to improve their ability to interpret the astronical assessments they have prepared. It's for those who are not satisfied with the information that comes from the analysis of the "Five Precision Degrees" (i.e., Transfrequential Direction, Quadrant, Cofrequency, Pental and Gradal) that are used in basic astronical evaluations.

I welcome all who want to move on to the next level of astronical knowledge, a technique that is revolutionizing the way we can make use of the forces of the cosmos that contains us all.

Mar 25, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

IN ENGLISH - (EN ESPAÑOL, MÁS ABAJO)I'm sort of a three-way hybrid. My family upbringing was definitely European (Belgian), my early teen-age years were enjoyably influenced by the American way of life (Glendale, California), at the beginning of the Rock 'n Roll era (anybody remember?), and the rest of my life exposed me to the fast-paced Latin American culture (Venezuela and the Caribbean islands). This gave me the order and discipline of the European, the modern vision and progressive imagination of an American, and the animated soul of a Latino.By trade, I'm a Computer Systems Engineer, who specialized in setting up systems for large, high-rise hotels in Latin America.For the past 29+ years, after investigating many fields and debunking a lot of information, I've been designing a system that I named ASTRONICA (very little in common with classic Astrology). In short, it's a technique that anyone can use to (1) get to know their true inborn attributes, qualities and skills, and (2) to determine the ongoing conditions (exocauses) that inevitably influence us and our environment, at any given time or place. You can test the efficiency of Astronica for yourself, by visiting the Astronica website (, in Spanish or English - online since 1997). Try out any of the free and user-friendly apps that you'll find there—they're all based on astronical algorithms, handled by AI. You can go there either with a desk PC or a laptop. But if you're mostly on the go, feel free to use a smartphone or a tablet. No registration, no cost, no hype.After retiring from the Hotel/Computer business, and after having put together the Astronica system, I began to write in two different fields: fiction and non-fiction. In the non-fiction section, I've written several books about Astronica (e.g., The Astronica Handbook, The Cyclegram, Dynamy and Polarity, The Cosmic Tree and The Hidden Circle).My writings in the fiction section usually include characters who live in the imperceptible "threshold area" that's between our every-day reality and the rest of the Multiverse (e.g., Imo, The Keepian and an ultra-short story, Nothing Speaks). I like to call this genre MetaFiction: the Reality that lies beyond reality.Currently, I live in Caracas, Venezuela and work every day on the Internet, to expand and further hone the Astronical resources. Now and then, when my Muse nudges me, I take another shot at story writing, so feel free to look me up.EN ESPAÑOLSoy una especie de híbrido triple. Mi crianza familiar fue definitivamente europea (Bélgica), mis años de adolescencia fueron muy influenciados por el estilo de vida norteamericana (en Glendale, California), durante la era del inicio del Rock n' Roll, ¿Alguien se acuerda?), y el resto de mi formación fue determinado por la siempre animada cultura latinoamericana (en latinoamérica y las islas del Caribe). Esto fijó en mi el orden y la disciplina del europeo, la visión moderna e imaginación progresista del norteamericano, junto con el alma expresiva del latino.De profesión, soy Ingeniero de Sistemas Informáticos, especializado en la instalación de sistemas para hoteles grandes, en América Latina.Durante los últimos 29+ años, después de investigar muchos campos y desmitificar una gran cantidad de información, he estado diseñando un sistema que llamé ASTRÓNICA (tiene muy poco en común con la Astrología clásica).Se trata de una técnica que cualquiera puede usar para (1) conocer sus verdaderas cualidades, habilidades y atributos innatos, y (2) para determinar las condiciones sidéreas (exocausas) que inevitablemente influyen sobre nosotros y nuestro entorno.Si quiere, puede probar la eficacia de Astrónica, visitando su website oficial (, en español o Inglés - online desde 1997). Pruebe cualquiera de las aplicaciones gratuitas y fáciles de usar que allí encontrará—todas están basadas en algoritmos astronicos y en la aplicación de IA. Puede visitar el sitio con una PC de escritorio o con una Laptop, Tableta o Smartphone.Después de retirarme de los hoteles y luego de haber desarrollado el sistema de Astrónica, empecé a escribir en dos géneros diferentes: ficción y no-ficción. En la sección de no-ficción, he escrito varios libros sobre Astrónica (por ejemplo, el Manual de Astrónica, El Ciclograma, Dinamia y Polaridad, El Árbol Cósmico y El Círculo Oculto, los cuales irán siendo publicados en ésta y otras Editoriales online).Mis escritos en el área de la ficción son cuentos que suelen incluir a personajes que viven en el imperceptible ámbito que está entre nuestra realidad cotidiana y el resto del Multiverso (entre ellos están: Imo, El Cuidián, El Andrógino y un cuento ultra-corto, Nada Habla). Me gusta llamar este género MetaFicción: la Realidad que está más allá de la realidad.En la actualidad, vivo en Caracas, Venezuela, y trabajo todos los días en Internet, ampliando y perfeccionando los recursos Astrónicos de mi website.Una que otra vez, cuando me visita mi Musa, me animo a escribir otro cuento, así que no dude en buscarme.Mi Blog también está a su órden (

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Dynamy & Polarity - Frank Desmedt



Version 2.0

Frank Desmedt

Copyright © 2010 - 2021 Frank Desmedt

All Rights Reserved



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Astronica is an interdisciplinary technique based on the analysis of information provided by modern Astrophysics, Chronobiology, Computer Science, Medicine, Psychology, and other sciences. It’s a contemporary system that allows us to evaluate and make use of the diverse energies (exocauses) that make up the electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth. These energies, once they trickle down through the atmosphere and reach our local environment, constantly influence our physical health, our emotional context, and our intellectual ability, among other functions.

The material of this book is for those who already have an elementary knowledge of Astronica. Therefore, before reading this book, I suggest that you first read my previous work, ASTRONICA, so that you’ll be able to fully understand and appreciate the information presented herein.

For example, the particular influence of each astronomical body of our Solar System (i.e., the Astronical Factors) was described in the mentioned book, which is why it won’t be repeated here. However, in the present book you’ll learn about a set of ever-changing conditions that modify the influence the main Astronical Factors have on us.

This new knowledge will help you understand why in certain instances, struggle as we may, we just can’t get hold of a particular objective, and why at other moments, the same goal practically falls into our lap. Or why sometimes, no matter how hard we try, a given deal won’t jell, a relationship tends to fall apart, or the resources we have seem to unavoidably be taken from us. Whereas, at other moments, Lady Luck would seem to favor us, for new business deals just roll in, the relationship we cherish becomes each time stronger, and resources appear without even looking for them.

All Astronical influences produce unavoidable and imperceptible changes in our subconscious processes, which then modify the workings of the different components of our body (e.g., our metabolism, immune system, nervous system, etc.), our attitude and feelings, as well as our intellectual skills. And this, undoubtedly, alters our outlook on life, social behavior, and job performance.

The information given by Dinamy and Polarity will confer a new level of understanding regarding the action of each Astronical Factor. This data is used by several of the free, precise, and useful applications found on the Astronica webpage ( Try out, for example, the Today’s Advice app.

I welcome you to the next level of the Astronical expertise, a technique that’s transforming the way we make use of the ever-present forces of the Cosmos.

Frank Desmedt

February, 2021

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Essence and Persona

From an Astronical point of view, our primordial being is formed by two fundamental components: our Essence and our Persona.

Basically, our Essence is what has been called our "Higher

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