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How to Make Pakoras and Bhajis

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How to Make Pakoras and Bhajis

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How to Make fritters Quickly, Easily and and Healthily. Authentic recipe with step by step photos to make suitable for vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free diets.

Make snacks Part of your 5 a day.
Indian food and snacks in particular get a bad press.
Indian takeaways are considered bad for your health, full of fat, ghee and calories.

I disagree. Onion snacks are onion rings fried in batter.You can add foods like broccoli and turmeric.
Snacks can be good for you.

If you add turmeric, the wonder anti-inflammatory spice to your snacks, you can beat most inflammation.
Turmeric also has anti-cancer properties.

Adding broccoli and fresh or frozen vegetables to your snacks make them a tasty way to get your five fresh vegetables a day.Kids will love them as well.Pack them into lunchboxes.Make a light meal by eating with pitta or naan bread.Good for gluten-free, lactose free and vegan diets.
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