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Vegetarian Cooking: 40 Easy, Low-Fat, High- Protein Healthy Recipes and Raw Foods under 30 Minutes for any Occasion: Vegetarian Lifestyle

Vegetarian Cooking: 40 Easy, Low-Fat, High- Protein Healthy Recipes and Raw Foods under 30 Minutes for any Occasion: Vegetarian Lifestyle

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Vegetarian Cooking: 40 Easy, Low-Fat, High- Protein Healthy Recipes and Raw Foods under 30 Minutes for any Occasion: Vegetarian Lifestyle

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Mar 6, 2017


Are you interested in becoming a vegetarian?  Do you want to have a healthier livestyle?  Do you want to try easy, delicious, and quick vegetarian recipes?

Written in easy-to-understand language, this book will explain how you can prepare easy, simple vegetarian recipes in less than 30 minutes.  These recipes are for every occasion and are so easy to make that you can get the whole family involved!

Inside you will learn—

  • How you can make healthy, quick vegeatrian meals for any occassion!
  • Easy-to-follow vegeatrian recipes for brunch, lunch, and dinner.
  • Tips and Tricks for successfully following a vegetarian lifestyle.

You can do it!  Starting and maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle is fun and simple!  With these easy-to-follow tips and simple recipes, you can start eating healthy vegetarian meals.  Lose weight and feel more energetic!

Learn the tips and strategies for selecting the right foods and avoiding others!  Follow the simple and quick recipes for creating a variety of delicious vegeatrian dishes.  They will be so good your family and friends won’t even miss the meat!

Download now!  Start using these easy, quick recipes to create delicious vegetarian foods that will increase your energy and improve your well being!

Mar 6, 2017

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Vegetarian Cooking - Ingrid Simpson

Chapter 1:  Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle


You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being, that of your family and your country.  -–Bill Clinton

Are you tired of feeling tired and run down?  Wouldn’t you like to stop feeling bloated?  With these simple, easy-to-make vegetarian recipes, you can make delicious meals with little effort.  These low fat, healthy meals will delight your family and help you lose weight and start feeling more energetic!

Chapter 1 describes how to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle.  Health benefits of vegetarianism are presented.  Foods to include and avoid in your diet are described.  Finally, tips and tricks for becoming a vegetarian are suggested.

Chapter 2 presents quick and easy vegetarian breakfast recipes. 

Chapter 3 provides delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner recipes.

Chapter 4 gives you recipes for simple and delicious raw foods.

Best Practices and Common Mistakes gives you useful Do’s and Don’ts to remember as you start preparing vegetarian recipes.

With these tips and strategies, you can start making delicious, simple vegetarian meals and enjoying the healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

In this chapter, you will learn:

How to lose weight on a vegetarian diet.

The health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Tips and strategies for becoming a vegetarian.

What does it mean to be a vegetarian?

Being a vegetarian means eating a plant-based diet.  There are several types of vegetarian diets based on what foods are consumed.  Strict vegetarians, or vegans, do not eat anything thing with an animal origin including beef, pork, poultry, fish dairy products, or eggs.  Lacto-vegetarians include all dairy products in their diets.  Pesco-vegetarians include eggs, dairy products and fish.  I am a pesco-vegetarian, but I have not included any fish in these recipes.  You can easily add Tilapia or your favorite fish to most of these recipes if you desire. 

The health benefits of a vegetarian diet

Following a vegetarian diet is not automatically healthier than a meat-based diet.  The obvious benefit is that a vegetarian diet is naturally low in cholesterol and saturated fats.  A plant-based diet is also higher in fiber, a good source of vitamin B, and folic acid.  Typically, vegetarians eat fewer calories.  Fruit, vegetables, grains, and legumes are more filling than the caloric equivalent in meat.  Since pollutants in our air and water tend to accumulate in fatty tissue of animals, eating a plant-based diet is also safer and healthier to consume.  Pesticides and bacteria on vegetables can be washed off.  Pollutants in meat are nearly impossible to remove.  Since it takes less energy and farmland to feed a vegetarian, a vegetarian lifestyle is also better for the

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