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Awesome Adjustable Meals Go from YUCK to YUMMY!

Awesome Adjustable Meals Go from YUCK to YUMMY!

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Awesome Adjustable Meals Go from YUCK to YUMMY!

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Jul 22, 2016


**2017 UPDATED EDITION!! Stop spending twice what you intend to at the grocery store and not even having all you need to make it through the pay period! Learn how to make food that makes others green with envy not nausea and tastes as good as it looks in the pictures! Stop “starving” all the time and learn how to afford to eat better/healthier—every day!

This cookbook of some personal favorite recipes is easy to read, fully detailed and includes: instructions to MODIFY these (and all) recipes for YOUR food preferences and/or restrictions; tips in each recipe of shortcuts and simple techniques that save more time/money/energy; a measurement conversion chart from standard to metric, for both dry and liquid items; hints for all things food and household (eg: how to sharpen knives and scissors for free in seconds, a way to chop onions without any tears at all and how to freshen your pillows/sheets without washing them!)

So get ready for your mouth to water while you read these recipes and see how any meal can be easily modified to fit your dietary needs and preferences! Once you are eating healthier every day and have your basic needs covered; you will stress less and be able to focus on what you really want from life, set your own goals and develop realistic “do-able” steps to accomplish them without too much sacrifice in your daily life!

CHANGE "it is what it is" to "IT WILL BE WHAT I MAKE IT" and NEVER GIVE UP!

Jul 22, 2016

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Skip years or even decades of whining, complaining, struggling, stressing and/or starving! Learn how to attain your basic needs, achieve (YOUR version of) a better/easier/happier life and have more time/money/energy for what YOU want to do!My DIY budgeting guide 'Money2eat4life' is a FREE READ in 103 languages on my website, and ALL my eBooks (3 Travel guides, a DIY Online Media Presence guide, 2 Recipe/Cookbooks) are available in English at all eBook retailers and libraries worldwide. My NEWEST book is: FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TREATS Make-Ahead Eats to Gift or Keep and is available everywhere.My site also has: Resource Links and Reviews of my favorite companies/products/services; SeeWhat'sNew Updates on health/food/money/activity/kids; Brain Teasers; Links to music, comedy, inspiration, social media, my eBooks, articles; *2 Original VIDEOS on YouTube*, and more! DIY Tutorial Videos, a podcast, and online video courses in all topics of life that matter to YOU are on the way as well! Join my 'SeeWhatsNew' monthly emailing and get a promo code for a FREE download my first recipe eBook on signup, plus exclusive content and freebies not found elsewhere!Life 'is what it is'; but "IT WILL BE WHAT YOU MAKE IT "! NEVER GIVE UP!

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Awesome Adjustable Meals Go from YUCK to YUMMY! - Andy B


Go from YUCK to YUMMY!

By Andy B.


Inside are a few of my personal favorite recipes in an easy to read, fully detailed collection that also explains how to modify ALL recipes to fit your food preferences and/or restrictions.

There are tips, shortcuts and simple techniques in each one that save time, money and energy; a measurement conversion chart and hints for all things related to food and household.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible but please let me know of any errors via the contact page on my website so I can correct them. No liability accepted for any similarity to other recipes as cooking is a creative process and these have been modified to my needs and tastes.

Please note that some links in this eBook are affiliated, and I may be compensated if/when you click on them and/or make a purchase on their site(s). I personally use these companies (or know someone who does); and recommend them for a variety of reasons but especially because they truly provide what they offer with a good service/product/etc at a very fair price (sometimes even free) and I find them very helpful.

I added a resource section to the website which has a full description of why these are my favorite products/services/companies/websites, along with a link to each website for your convenient reference, with many more to come. Also, please be advised that if you click a link from any of my eBooks (or the website) that takes you to another website; their terms, rules and policies with respect to cookies/conditions/privacy/etc will apply instead while you are on their site.

Copyright original eBook July 2015 to and including the '2017 Updated Edition' eBook July 2017. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ISBN #978-1-988434-05-6. Written and Published by Andy B. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; owner of No reproduction, editing or transmission in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, is allowed for any reason other than your own personal use, without prior written consent from the author as per INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT and/or PRIVACY LAWS. No liability is accepted under any circumstance for any information supplied and/or anything as a result of this information, which is current as of the publishing date.

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Smashwords Edition License Notes

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. Do not resell this eBook, and please buy individual copies to give as gifts instead of sharing your copy. If you did not buy or get this book as a gift, please go to your favorite eBook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

A paperback edition of this (and all my) eBooks is available at select online retailers worldwide.











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I originally wrote this book as people kept asking me for a recipe and I got tired of re-writing them on a one-at-a-time basis! I use these on a regular basis, although I modify them to be gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free/reduced and higher in protein for my specific dietary needs and preferences.

Do your own adjusting of ingredients to make the meals taste the way you want! Cooking is a combination of an expression of creativity, math, and common sense that delights the eyes, nose and mouth…so get busy and impress yourself already!

There are also tons of tips such as how to sharpen knives and scissors for free, in seconds and a quick effortless way to chop onions without any tears at all! I tell you where I shop to get the items I list, how to save even more with buying in bulk and splitting the meat into several distinct types of meals as well as storage techniques to keep your food fresh longer.

Please enjoy this collection and be on the lookout for a special book of Christmas Treat Favorites that will be released as soon as possible with recipes that are generations old yet inexpensive and taste great, as well as a more recipe books for quick and easy modifiable meals to come soon!

The website has a free read of the budgeting book Money2Eat4Life viewable in 103 LANGUAGES; brainteasers; update pages with new tips on all things food, household, health, finance and more; links to social media; other eBooks and more!

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Measuring Cheese

To measure cheese, use the length

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