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The Fatty Liver Cookbook: 100 Healthy Recipes to Detoxify and Avert Fatty Liver: Weight Loss Recipes

The Fatty Liver Cookbook: 100 Healthy Recipes to Detoxify and Avert Fatty Liver: Weight Loss Recipes

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The Fatty Liver Cookbook: 100 Healthy Recipes to Detoxify and Avert Fatty Liver: Weight Loss Recipes

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Feb 9, 2017


It seems like we’re all suffering from one affliction or another, but what we hadn’t realized until recently is that these diseases are caused by us, our lifestyle and mostly, our diet. More and more attention is given to our choice of diet and what we opt to eat on an everyday basis. Why? Because the wrong choices, albeit unknowingly, can affect our health in major ways. One of the many diseases brought on by a poor diet is fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver disease is in no way a death sentence, but it does indicate poor dietary choices. The good news is that your liver can be detoxified and fatty liver can be averted with the right kind of food intake. If you’re unsure of what that entails exactly, you’re in luck, because this book is here to provide you with a thorough explanation of the disease, its causes and its effects, but also ways to prevent it. In addition, it contains 30 different recipes you can choose from, all especially chosen for the fatty liver diet.

Don’t panic if you’re suffering from fatty liver disease. You also don’t necessarily need to spend precious time and money in a fancy nutritionist’s office. All you need to do is pay attention to what you eat and that’s something you can do from the comfort of your own home. Allow this book to serve as your guide and cookbook in your journey to detoxifying your liver and living a healthier life.

Inside, you will learn:

  • What fatty liver disease is
  • Why fatty liver disease occurs
  • How you can detoxify your liver
  • How you can avert fatty liver disease
  • What you can and cannot eat when you have fatty liver disease
  • What recipes you can try in your fatty liver diet

Don’t spend a second longer eating all the foods that are so bad for you and your health. Find out what your diet should contain. Get healthy. Download This Book Now.

Feb 9, 2017

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The Fatty Liver Cookbook - Jean Rodgers


Before anything else, let me ask you a question: how many times did you find yourself thinking about the way in which your body works or about the role of each and every constituent organ? I mean, before having health problems or developing other medical conditions (which I am sorry to assume you have since you are currently reading this book). Unfortunately, not many of us pay enough attention to our health until our body gives us the clear message that it can no longer function correctly. And this message is usually in the form of a disease or other medical disorder.

Let's take the liver as an example. This is probably the most under-appreciated vital organ. Besides producing bile, the liver is in charge of cleaning the blood from damaging toxins that we get from anything we ingest, of transforming sugar into energy, of breaking down hormones and hemoglobin, of storing important vitamins and nutrients, of converting ammonia to urea, and so many others. It's obviously an extremely busy part of our organism. And think that it needs to perform all these tasks with the help of what you are giving it: foods, drinks, medicines, drugs and the rest.

Thus, isn’t it just normal to be overwhelmed when you fail to provide it with the necessary nutrients and, on the top, you only give it extremely toxic products? The worst part is that the liver shows you very little, or no sign of starting to be sick and most persons discover their problems long after the damage was done. And this is exactly what happens when we are dealing with Fatty Liver. While there is no clear cause for this condition, it happens, most usually, when the person is also dealing with obesity (or, simply, overweight) and consequently has high cholesterol or other diseases (like diabetes or viral hepatitis).

As you probably already know, all these medical disorders are heavily influenced by our lifestyle: eating habit, the amount of physical exercise, stress or sleep problems. Fatty liver can also run in your family, and, in this case, it is even harder to control or reverse its effects. In the case of Alcoholic Fatty Liver, things are quite clear: heavy drinking (even for short periods of time) can lead to it. While the causes are nonetheless important because they can establish the necessary treatment, our focus should be on what you can do to stop this condition from turning into steatohepatitis, fibrosis or cirrhosis.

I'm sure you know, by this point, that fatty liver has no specific treatment to cure it in an instant. Quitting unhealthy habits, working out regularly, avoiding high-fat foods, and having a generally balanced menu are the most important changes that you must do in this period. This is not always that simple, so we decided to make things easier (and more enjoyable) for you with the help of this book.

Besides providing you with essential information about this medical condition, this book will offer you 100 excellent recipes that will be appreciated both by your taste buds and your liver. Furthermore, the recipes will be divided into separate categories to let you know exactly what to eat in every moment of the day. If you were tormented by the thought that once you have been diagnosed with this condition, you will never enjoy appetizing meals, this book would definitely show you the contrary. Start reading this book and find out how to improve your health in a pleasurable way.

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Chapter One – Some Things to Know About Fatty Liver Disease

In this chapter, you will learn:

What fatty liver disease is

What the symptoms of fatty liver disease are

What is Fatty Liver Disease?

Put simply; fatty liver disease occurs as an accumulation of triglyceride fat in your liver takes place. It is perfectly normal for your liver to have some fat storage, but this storage shouldn’t be more than 5 to 10 percent of the liver’s actual weight. Cases when the liver stored more fat than normal (what we refer to as fatty liver disease) is frequently associated with individuals who drink excessively. What many people don’t know, however, is that fatty liver disease can also occur in individuals who have no history of drinking at all! The two variations of fatty liver disease are therefore identified as being alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The problem is, however, that these two types of disease are difficult to tell apart because they present many of the same symptoms.

It is not only the determination of one type of fatty liver disease from another that presents a difficulty, though. Fatty liver disease that is not related to alcohol consumption can have so many various contributing factors, that it is difficult to identify one from another. For example, fatty liver disease is frequently present in the obese and can also happen concomitantly with other diseases that are associated with the disruption of fat metabolism (that is when the fat storage process suffers disturbances, and fat accumulates in your liver cells, leading to a fatty liver.) Your liver can also become inflamed, causing steatohepatitis. All of these things make it difficult for doctors to be able to pinpoint the exact cause of fatty liver disease and to pinpoint a care plan for you.

Regardless of its cause, though, there are many symptoms of moderate to a severe fatty liver disease that help doctors to identify a beneficial treatment plan for you. But what about the initial stages of the fatty liver disease? Unfortunately, in its initial stages, the fatty liver disease doesn’t have any overt symptoms, so you may not even realize that you have it. Due to this, you are unlikely to seek medical intervention. It is for this reason that it is good to pay attention to what you eat and how much you drink so that you can reduce your overall chances of developing a fatty liver in the first place. Food and alcohol consumption have both been shown to play important roles in the development of the fatty liver disease.

There is good news though - the fatty liver disease is reversible, and as I mentioned above, it can also be averted all together through a well-balanced diet and avoiding alcohol consumption.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease

As I also mentioned previously, symptoms of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are inexistent or simply not obvious in the beginning stages of the disease. But as the condition progresses over

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