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Hiking Gear Essentials: Filling the Traveling Pack from Top to Bottom: Camping and Backpacking

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Hiking Gear Essentials: Filling the Traveling Pack from Top to Bottom: Camping and Backpacking

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Trek Packing Essentials

Filling the Traveling Pack, Top to Bottom

There has never been a more in-depth book on the complete subject of personal travel, whether for day pack, back pack, or full cross country gear. These tactics are intended for creating the most comfortable and easy-access process for preparing a pack for outdoor hiking, but these same rules can be applied to any travel packing job you have. Even if you are just packing a suitcase for a business jaunt, or getting the family stuff together for a summer vacation, the quick and easy tips, techniques, and tactics for putting your gear into traveling readiness are absolutely essential for the best packing job possible.

Inside You Will Learn:

·         The four secrets to minimize the pack’s profile for better balance while traveling.

·         Three fast fixes for a backpack blowout.

·         Ways to create Water-resistant space in the pack for your Electronics

·         Special techniques for backpack preparation that might surprise you.

·         Ten items every Emergency Kit should have

·         Recommendations to make nighttime bag navigation smoother and simpler

·         The Five items you should pack to avoid getting lost on your hike

·         How to Balance a load: The anatomy of a perfect pack job.

·         And Much More

These essentials will give you the insight you need to make the task of preparing for a sojourn easier and more understandable, and will afford you opportunities to fine-tune your own technique, offering clever ideas that you probably never considered.

We have taken the mystery out of the packing process, giving you the information to make your next travel plan a jumpstart.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

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