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Art Shows - How to Find, Enter, and Win an Art Show!

Art Shows - How to Find, Enter, and Win an Art Show!

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Art Shows - How to Find, Enter, and Win an Art Show!

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Jan 23, 2017


110 pages.

Are you enjoying photography with your new iPhone or smartphone? Have you been exploring the world of watercolors, acrylics, or oil paintings? Maybe you're drawn to the more obscure areas of cyanotypes or monoprints? Whatever it is you enjoy, it's time to consider the next level - entering your works in art shows!

This book takes you step by step through how art shows work. How do you find art shows to enter? What is the process like? What are all the strange terms you'll hear about? What do they mean? How are these shows judged - and how do you give yourself a better chance of winning?

Take that first step - and expand your horizons!

I’d love to hear feedback on the book!

All proceeds from sales of this book support kids-in-arts programs.

Jan 23, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

I love writing in a variety of genres. I currently have over 300 books published in all lengths from full 500+ page novels down to short stories. I love writing series. Some are with unconnected characters, like the 14 full-length medieval novels with a sword being passed from heroine to heroine. Some have connected characters, like the 31 mini-mysteries featuring a detective in Salem, Massachusetts. All of my books are written "clean" with no explicit intimacy, no harsh language, and no explicit violence. All are suitable for teens and up.For a full listing of my books please visit:

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Art Shows - How to Find, Enter, and Win an Art Show! - Lisa Shea



"Art washes away from the soul

the dust of everyday life."

-- Pablo Picasso

Our modern world celebrates the beauty of art! Most people own smartphones which include cameras. Photographers no longer have to deal with expensive film processing. Local malls have art stores filled to the brim with a wide variety of paints, pencils, papers, and supplies which would have boggled the mind of an artist even twenty years ago.

Art is in its renaissance.

This book exists to help those new to the world of art learn about sharing and selling their art. Whether you’re enjoying the abilities of your iPhone, exploring the world of acrylic paints, or dabbling in the blues of cyanotypes, we’re here to help. There’s a wonderful world of art shows out there, and it’s just waiting to share your talents.

This book starts from the very beginning. How to find those art shows. What the terms mean. How to enter. How to prepare your art for the show.

The book talks about sales and finances, taxes and record-keeping

And, of course, How to win!

Everything you need to enjoy the wondrous world of art.

All proceeds from sales of this book, in locations where it isn’t free as intended (for example in paperback format), support childhood art programs.

Preparing Yourself

Before you start entering art shows, you first need to prepare yourself. It is, after all, you that you will be marketing at art shows.

Here are a few steps to take before you begin with your art show project.

Set Up a Tracking Document

One useful system to set up before you start entering shows is a tracking document. I highly recommend an Excel spreadsheet or Excel-like clone. Anything that you can set up columns and rows in where you can sort them.

The fields you’ll want to track are:

·         Date

·         Show Name

·         Artwork Name

·         Artwork Size (including frame, if any)

·         Submission Price

·         Submission Deadline

·         Drop-Off Date

·         Reception Date

·         Pick-Up Date

·         Sale Option and Venue Commission

·         Status

A key reason you need this is that some shows won’t let you enter any pieces more than once. So if you enter your piece Vision in Blue to the ACCC Spring show, you can’t then re-enter the same piece to their ACCC Fall show. It can get confusing quickly what you have entered to where in the past. A spreadsheet makes that all simple and easy.

It’s also very easy to enter a show and completely forget about its pick-up date. Having everything in one place makes that easy to track.

Set this up from the beginning. It’ll save you a lot of grief and headaches later on.

That being said, if you’re not familiar with Excel and this seems like a headache which might put you off from starting out, go ahead and use a piece of paper for now. It’s better to move forward than to get stuck on something like this.

Social Media

In many art shows you’re allowed to list links to your Facebook, Twitter, and other pages as part of your label or documentary information. It’s good to set those pages up early.

You may hate Twitter. Heck, you

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