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Mail Order Bride - Bernadette Finds Love: Ruby Springs Brides, #4

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Bernadette Havering is a vivacious and independent woman. She knows her mind and never intends to let a man dictate what she should or should not be able to do. In a world where women having a job is frowned upon, she longs for a profession and wants to make history by becoming one of the very first women in the United States of America to gain a law license. But why should she give up a husband and family in order to do so? Can she truly have both?

Edward Grieve has worked hard. He has come from nothing and managed to gain an education, becoming a skilled veterinarian in great demand. But this is not the only thing that makes him unusual. He also believes passionately that women deserve more than they get from men, society and the law of the land. But will he ever trust anyone enough to explain why?

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