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The Kramski Case: Tales of MI7, #1

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The Kramski Case: Tales of MI7, #1

Lunghezza: 405 pagine5 ore


When a serial killer is just the tip of the iceberg...

"Bottom Line: 5 Stars for entertainment and originality, these days I seldom lose sleep over a book unless it is truly exceptional and I was up far past my usual bedtime to finish this." - Douglas C Meeks.

"An immensely well-written, fast-paced and obviously thoroughly researched tale, with an exciting plot, interesting and intelligent characters and some extremely skilful (and often humorous) dialogue." - Hal Marshall. 

When someone starts assassinating paparazzi in three countries, MI7 sits up. Apparently, the killer is none other than Dmitri Vassyli Kramski, retired SVR field-operative and former Kremlin protégé. 

True, the Cold War is long finished, but everyone knows Vladimir Putin is as unhappy for Russia to play second fiddle on the international stage as even the most strident of his Communist predecessors. In 2010 therefore, East-West relations remain as tortuous as ever.

Kramski's trail leads deep into London's émigré community, forcing his pursuers into conflict with an unknown organisation bent on protecting him. Bit by bit, he begins to look less like a professional assassin and more like someone plotting to scupper the foundations of Western democracy itself. 

To compound matters, the Russians are as baffled by him as anyone.

"Espionage, murders, intrigue, and of course hot romance are billowing out of nearly every page ... JJ Ward has polished his style well and knows when and how to turn up the heat."- Grady Harp.

"A masterfully crafted plot with well-developed characters, natural dialogue, and plot twists and action at every turn … If you like your thrillers smart, entertaining and gripping, this book won't disappoint." - Sam G.

"From a Bond lover … terrific!" - Jay Mittener. 

"There is clarity about the writing and the world view that feels like a breath of fresh air." - Adam "Mr B".

"A great book for reading on the train, and is a welcome light relief in these dark and gloomy days!" - MRN Shackelford. 

"This was a terrific thrill ride of a book." - Liz Wilkins.

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