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Heroes: NZ Young Writers' Anthology, #2

Heroes: NZ Young Writers' Anthology, #2

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Heroes: NZ Young Writers' Anthology, #2

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Oct 24, 2016


The second annual NZ Young Writers' Anthology is a superb collection of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from talented young New Zealanders.

Each writer has taken their own unique spin on the theme of 'heroes' to give the reader some food for thought - what really makes a hero?

With stories from:

Greta Gilbert

Jade Thompson-Tavai

Poppy Nightingale-Ayson

Gemma Lovewell

Shruti Sharma

Angie Peterson

Oct 24, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Z.R. Southcombe (Zee) is a writer and artist. Her books are written for children, but with their wild sense of imagination, rich vocabulary and emotional resonance they are loved by readers of all ages. A true creative, Zee usually has a few creative projects on the go, but no matter what project she is currently working on, Zee is usually accompanied by a cup of tea. Zee lives in New Zealand with her partner and her cat.

Anteprima del libro

Heroes - ZR Southcombe


Everyone's a hero

Greta Gilbert

Year 6

Heroes, they are all around us. A person who is a hero doesn’t have to be someone who has heat vision or super strength, a hero can be someone who volunteers at the S.P.C.A or who has saved someone's life when they were drowning.

There is a type of hero that I think is one of the best types: unsung heros. A unsung hero is someone who does something great as their job, or just out of kindness, but they don’t get much gratitude – sometimes none at all. For example, janitors are unsung heroes.

Our Janitor, Mr Mikaele, is a great person. He goes around our school cleaning up after us and doing all the dirty work, but the sad thing is he gets paid very little for what he does.

The same thing with nurses and surgeons. They save people’s life, for crying out loud, but they don’t get paid very much... I mean come on! There are also some who are people’s idols because they've done something great that people look up to like great scientists who have revolutionised our world, or people like Ghandi or people who have devoted their life to something great, like joining the army or working at an animal sanctuary.

So there you have it: anyone can be a hero. The person that you are sitting next to could have done something great, but you just don’t realize it.

The battle of the bloods

Jade Thompson-Tavai

Year 9

It started off as a warm, average day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, everything was peaceful. People bustled about. Some were heading to work, others just enjoying a nice, leisurely stroll. They were all unaware of the battle going on beneath their very feet. A battle between good and evil.

In an underground cave two super powered beings fought. One, a young male who couldn’t be older than 20, with brown chestnut hair that curled down to his shoulders. He had deep forest green eyes that had little specks of blue, slightly pointed ears, and a grim look upon his face. A tattered dark blue shirt with mysterious green symbols covered his torso, and black pants covered his bottom half. The other one was girl with straight black hair that made her ice blue eyes pop. Similar to the male, she had elvish ears and an evil smirk adorned her lips. She was dressed in a strange black dress with glowing purple symbols.

The two were flying near the top of the cage. The man had a cold mist floating around him while the woman had a wisp of fire around her. As they locked eyes the woman scowled. The two glared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. The light reflecting off the water made their eyes shine like fireflies.

Everything was silent except for the sound of water dripping from the top of the cave. A soft breeze blew around the two, making their hair fly around their faces. Suddenly, the man spoke.

Lyra, you do realise I can’t let you destroy this planet, sister or not.

Lyra’s mouth twitched up into a smile that could only promise disaster. Oh dear brother, you may try to stop me but either way, I am taking this planet and that which is rightfully mine! Just give me the crown Damon, and we can all go on our merry way, after I destroy this planet that is. Her voice was smooth and velvety but had a deadly edge to it. A haunting laugh resonated throughout the cavern, echoing off the walls.

It all happened at once. They each charged at each other with enough strength to push over a building. Punches were thrown. Teeth went flying! The ground shook as Damon slammed into the ground. Lyra descended with a fireball in her hand. This is the end for you, dear brother of mine. She slowly raised her fist and her flame grew bigger, brighter and hotter. Prepare to die!

In a short burst of newfound energy,

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